Ryan Howard Sizzling

Updated: August 5, 2006




A Savior


You have to keep reminding yourself. Well you don’t but you should as we do that until late June of last season – slightly more than a year ago – the Phillies had Ryan Howard stuck seemingly “permanently” in the Minors. Even though his talent was o so obvious. Why ……

Check out this “logic”

( as we have frequently )

Because they already had a high paid First Baseman on the Roster. It took an injury to Jim Thome for the Phillies to call up Howard for Good. Had Thome not been injured it is conceivable Howard would still be languishing down on the Farm.

Why because the Phillies knew how Good Howard was and didn’t want to trade him. Which brings up the Blatant Unfairness players can still be subject here in the 21st century. They finally smartened up in the Off Season and traded Jim Thome to keep Ryan Howard playing. Smart move.


Howard went on to have an amazing partial season and on the strength of his 88 game season and 22 HomeRuns Ryan won 2005 Rookie of the Year. That was only a Prelude to this Season. Howard is tearing up the Diamond.

His 38 HomeRuns

are Tops in the NL

one behind the ML leader

His 99 RBI’s


2nd highest in Majors

Howard’s batting average is hovering near .300. While he is not a Triple Crown Threat this season. He may well be within as season or two. For right now he is a leading contender for the Hank Aaron Award for best offensive player in each League. For that Award he is in the Company of Albert Pujols, Alfonso Soriano and David Wright among others. Not Bad Company for a Young Slugger in his first full season in the Majors.

Which brings us to

The Real Deal

Ryan Howard’s Potential

to become The Player

who more than any other

re-ignites African American

interest in Baseball as

A Career Choice

Howard just might be

The One

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