Run Michael Run Make Yourself A Football Giant

Updated: August 13, 2006



Yes he’s a Showman

and Friday night

He proved it

Where it Counts

on the Gridiron

Toward the end of a rather lackluster first pre-season game in Baltimore with the New York Giants on their way to a loss Michael Jennings produced the Highlight of the Game with an our of your seat 57 yard punt return for a Touchdown. The Giants who had been trailing 16-7 after the Run and the extra point were Behind 16-14, then on the Final Play of the Game a Field Goal won it 17-16.

But the Real Story

was Michael Jennings’

Story Book TD

After his Touchdown Run the Giants bench exploded in Jubilation graphically characterized by Michael Strahan jumping up and down in unrestrained Joy. What was most remarkable about the Run – as with all great TD romps – is that it seems Jennings was caught again and again and stumbled only to break Free.

To put Jennings career in Perspective

here is how the NY Times describes him

in a recent article

” Jennings did not play college football. He has been cut from N.F.L. Europe twice. He has been cut from N.F.L. teams five times. He has been on the practice squad of three teams, but never on an active roster. He is buried on the Giants’ depth chart and is not afraid of being cut again.”

Until Friday night

Can he win that coveted roster spot on the strength of one play ? Maybe maybe not. Here is some Irony in his Favor. He is a receiver not a running back. Which is what he did so well in running for a TD Friday night. Having done that though he just might have STAMPED himself SPECIAL TEAM.

( where size doesn’t count for a running back )

Those players who get prized roster assignments on the Strength of skills that have them see only limited play time. Running the Ball back on Punt and Kick Off returns is the Perfect Example.

So while Michael might not have better Luck this time around as a full time Receiver. As a Special Team member who can also serve as a back up Receiver. Well that is a Whole New Ball Game for Jennings …..

…… IF Coach Tom Couglin agrees. And he just may. Just as Jennings’ electrifying play in effect transformed Defeat into Victory for the Giants in this pre-season game he might just as well do the same in a regular season game where every single Win is a precious Commodity in the “brief” 16 game schedule.

Jennings was indeed a Track Star in college a Sprinter at Florida State who had the self-confidence and the Smarts to appreciate he might make it in the NFL even without Football experience. That has been his Goal the last 5 years as this “little man” 5 ft. 11 in. and 175 lbs. 26 year old has bounced around the NFL.

He has not made an active NFL roster yet

but he won’t stop trying

His biggest Asset may not be his Speed or even his determination but his unbreakable Sunny Disposition. His nickname could easily be Mr. Optimism or. Sunshine and now it may be serving him well on the strength of one play.

More than likely he will need to be impressive again in the handful of pre-season games the Giants have yet to play before the season begins in early September IF he is going to get that dream roster call he craves.


The Greatest Moment

of his incipient career

Friday night

has increased his Odds


to become a Real Giant

All we can say is

RUN Michael RUN

and keep Smiling

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