Prime Time, Playmaker Make Good Public Relations Guys For……Uhhhhh, What’s His Name?

By Gregory Moore
Updated: August 31, 2006

SAN ANTONIO> – All hail the new kings of the Chap Stick band. Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin have been living it up being the public voice for that wide receiver up in Big D. You know that one I’m talking about. No. 81 in your program but number one to have you looking for the suppositories.

Any way it seems that for the past few weeks Prime Time and the Playmaker have been speaking on behalf of the president of the All World Diva Club and they haven’t been missing a beat.

It all started with Deion going on ESPN’s Mike and Mike one morning and proclaiming that Owens doesn’t need to practice and that Bill Parcells has ten years of tape to see what he can do on the field.

Well isn’t this just chummy.

Here is a former corner back that had a hard time understanding what seam route he was to run at times and he wants to talk about a guy who doesn’t practice? Guess it doesn’t hurt when you have your boy Darren Woodson piping in too.

Then just this past Monday morning, I caught the tail end of Irvin on the Dan Patrick show and he was trying to sound all serious about why there’s so much attention on his new buddy.

“T.O. doesn’t want the attention,” Irvin chastises Patrick.

It was so funny that I had to download the podcast of that segment just so that I can get the full gist of what Irvin is talking about. The more I listened the more I’m convinced about one thing; Deion and Michael have side gigs outside of their respective analyst roles.

I haven’t heard this much lip smacking and smooching on one player since Ahmad Rashad would cover MJ. This is quite comical because both of these former players spend so much time trying to spin the coverage; you think you are at a White House press conference.

“No that’s not correct. He has a legitimate injury.” “No this isn’t about attention. That’s you guys trying to find something.” “No he doesn’t have a new record deal out but make sure you buy his book.” Yada, yada, yada. Blah, blah, blah. What’s next? Jeff George coming back to the Oakland Raiders? Oh wait that’s already happened. My bad.

Oh, I’m sure that the friends and fans of that non-practicing guy will be coming in. They’ll say I don’t know what I’m talking about and that I am just doing what the other talking heads are doing on all the networks. Oh contraire I say. Let’s put the spin in the right washtub of laundry.

Despite what Irvin, Deion and other partners of the spin team say, Owens’ antics for the past three seasons have merited the high scrutiny because of his buffoonery. And now we have the same thing going on and instead of this player being professional, he has allowed the spotlight to put on him.

But when it comes to the butt kissing I’m hearing from two former All Pro players, I just cringe. I can’t swallow what they are trying to give me for my illness. As a matter of fact if there is any former athlete who can make me swallow a good dose of the kool-aid, the one guy who has given me an opinion that is not what’s his name filtered is Reggie Miller.

If you haven’t heard Miller’s take on this issue, you need to get it downloaded to your favorite mp3 player. Miller came on Patrick’s show and basically said that he wants to give the player the benefit of the doubt but he started singing Force MD’s “Here We Go Again”.

When he did that, he let everyone listening know that it seemed that the player they were talking about was going down the same route he went down before in Philly and in San Francisco. But the singing? That was classic Miller time on a national show. After all here is a player who played with a head case in Ron Artest and he can’t figure this guy out.

“You’re playing under a legendary coach and you’re not happy?” Miller quips.

Yeah, Reggie I’m over here saying the same thing. I’m wondering why this guy is acting the way he’s acting. For some strange reason though the band wagon fans of this guy keep thinking that he will make a difference but here’s the problem; Dallas doesn’t run the West Coast offense.

The plays are different. The terminology is different. The quarterback is not as athletic. This player needs to be in practice just to figure out who his quarterback is and what they can accomplish.

But what do you expect from misinformed individuals? Prime Time and Playmaker aren’t misinformed but what they are doing is spinning their own twists on the story.

What I want them to quit doing is puckering up for their screen play with the player formerly known as that kid who doesn’t realize his opportunity in front of him. It’s really embarrassing. It’s embarrassing because deep down both of these two players know that unless what’s his name had a ring or two, the scrutiny was going to be there.

It’s going to stay there until two things happen; either he learns to be a model citizen and realize that past transgressions are what have you deal with as the spotlight becomes brighter.

It’s bad enough when former professional athletes are bad analysts but it’s even worse when these analysts make it no secret that they have a love fest for a particular player. This is definitely the act that these former Super Bowl champions are portraying to the public and it’s embarrassing.

It’s embarrassing to see the lips pucker and kissing start up just because you may have a good relationship with a player. Right now all of this kissing up to that player in Dallas by these two former teammates is making their credibility shaky.