NFL Conspiracy

Updated: August 10, 2006



Conspiracy theorists

currently fixated

on 9/11

Ought to take a look at the NFL as well. Specifically the selection of Roger Goodell as the New NFL Commissioner Tuesday.

WHAT A CHARADE. There was NEVER any doubt whatsoever Roger Goodell would be named Commissioner from the day Tagliabue announced his Retirement.

So why bother

With the Candidate screening


Because the NFL 1) wants to project a sophisticated inclusive image, and 2) they understand just how GULLIBLE most of the media is, and 3) that sports fans themselves don’t have a Clue.

The official “voting” (sic) among the 32 NFL owners excuse us 32 White Owners that took place Tuesday involved only two of the supposed 5 Finalists. Roger Goodell and Gregg Levy. The other 3 were Ridiculous and never ever would have been chosen by the Owners including of course One African American Frederick Nance who allowed himself to be used as the Token Negro.

What may be far more interested

is the larger list of 185 “candidates”

the NFL says it considered

That List has not been released and never will because as large as that “list” is guaranteed there are few African Americans on it but at the same time there will be African Americans on that list who are credible.

Some like us might have asked impertinent questions about African Americans on the List unlike Frederick Nance who could be taken seriously as an NFL Commissioner. If we were speaking to a Conspiratist they would not hesitate to tell us how absurd it would be to believe the NFL owners would ever give up the name of any African American who might make a good Commissioner.

The goal here is to insure as meek as African Americans are when it comes to POWER especially in Sports that you never ever provide a spark that might have a few brave individuals complain about the selection process and the choice of Roger Goodell as far and away the Best Choice.

Never having to deal with the question of WHY was Goodell chosen when such a good case can be made for other “candidates” especially Black candidates in an NFL with over 70% Black players. Because there never were any such outstanding African Americans for the White Owners to consider.

Control the Process

every step of the way

keep most of the information


then hail the individual


as the superb choice


any potential criticism

the NFL owners don’t need


they OWN the Game

and do whatever

they want

just like on

A Plantation

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