My Run-In With The Establishment And Judge Mathis� Court

By Gregory Moore
Updated: August 20, 2006

SAN ANTONIO � Don�t look now but I think the po-po is out to get me. If Ryan Lei can be convicted of impersonating a journalist, then I guess I�m headed to the pokey. I can visualize my court case now.

�Oyez, Oyez, please come to some semblance of order. The case of Moore vs. the Establishment is now commencing. The honorable Greg Mathis, presiding.� �Establishment, you contend that the defendant, a so-called sports columnist is a fraud?� �I do,� the establishment says.

�Go ahead make your case.� �Your honor, first let me say that as an outstanding citizen of Detroit�� �I object,� I contend. �Your honor that�s sucking up to the judge.� �Quiet. It�s all about sucking up to the judge here.� �Thank you judge,� the establishment says. �Now as I was saying. The defendant thinks he is a prolific writer and writes for the social consciousness of a segment of the community. I�m here to prove that he is nothing more than a hack with a good keyboard.� �Mr. Moore, how do refute these charges?� �Judge Mathis, what the establishment says is true. I AM A PROLIFIC writer who writes for the social conscious of a segment of the community.� �So you are not denying that you are a fraud?� �Your honor, I didn�t say I was a fraud. I have credentials that back up who I say I am.� �Okay, we�ll get to your suppositions in a moment. Continue establishment.� �Thank you. Your honor, Mr. Moore claims to have written some poignant pieces that have given a community pause in their cause. He says that as a columnist for a website, he brings credence to a voice that isn�t heard. I contend that this is just a front to get into sporting events for free.� �Is that true Mr. Moore? Are you impersonating a person of Jason Blair�s status?� �Judge Mathis, nothing could be further from that accusation,� I say. �If anyone is trying to impersonate anyone, it�s Blair impersonating an upstanding journalist. That�s why he was fired from one of the country�s most respected newspapers.� �So you are contending that you are a better writer than Mr. Blair then,� the establishment contends.

�Your honor must I address the plaintiff? This is TV court, not the 5th Court of Appeals.� �Are you trying to diss my court room Mr. Moore? Where you from, Auburn Hills?� �No sir. No disrespect intended but can the plaintiff just follow the procedures of this court?� �Okay, I�m not going to have this shouting match in my court room. Establishment finish making your case and leave the one line zingers to me and my bailiff.� �Sorry judge. Let me finish by saying that Mr. Moore�s writing has done nothing but stir up controversy in various communities and he has always hidden behind a cloak of ambiguity; never answering anyone who has tried to contact him. He�s a rapscallion of the worse sort. A keyboardist impersonating a journalist.� �What say you Mr. Moore? I�ll hear your defense now.� �Your honor the reason why we are even here is because I exposed the Establishment on numerous occasions.� �Oh so you are saying that this is a vendetta?� �Yes your honor I am. It all started with a story I wrote about in which a NFL football player should have not been given the opportunity to continue to play football in 1998,� I say.

�Are you saying the plaintiff was backing him?� Judge Mathis inquires.

�Yes sir. I am saying that. And the establishment continues to back athletes when they are wrong and that is why he is upset with me. I keep exposing for what he truly is; an opportunist.� �Your honor I object,� establishment cries. �I am the epitome of what is right in the world today.� �Judge, if that is the case, then ask establishment why he constantly allows athletes to do things in an illegal fashion? Ask him when was the last time he has told a young athlete that I have written about a right choice in that person�s life.� �Establishment are you influencing athletes to do wrong in their lives?� Judge Mathis says.

�Of course not your honor. He has no proof of such actions. Just speculation.� �Actually judge I do have proof. Look at these press clippings from the established journalists who have seen him in action up close and personal.� �What about these stories establishment? The defendant makes a good case here?� �Your honor he is only regurgitating what someone else has already written. He doesn�t know if I did that or not.� �But these are not his writings but that of others on the first account. Did you do such egregious things?� Judge Mathis asks.

�I�ve done a few things Judge but not like he is proclaiming.� Then I drop the hammer on the case.

�Your honor, if you will look here at these other writings that I�ve written, you will see that I have documented proof that establishment was at the scene of many of these events for which he was a first hand participant in.� Judge Mathis looks over the new information and looks over at the plaintiff.

�I�ve got several articles and photos of you being at events that were very troubling to these athletes and their families. It seems that the defendant has you at these events. What do you say for yourself?� �Your honor it wasn�t me. It was my evil twin brother,� establishment proclaims.

�Okay Mr. Moore how do you claim that you are one of the writers who go out of his way to help those you write about?� �Judge you can search me on the net and you will find some 400 entries of various articles. Unlike establishment, I believe in solving the issues as they come or at least try to help solve those problems. If you notice, I have never strayed from my purpose of being a writer.� �But you have been very critical of some members,� Judge Mathis says.

�Yes sir I have but what good columnist would not have been? I have been critical of establishment for not taking care of athletes who have paved the way for others. I have been concerned about establishment not doing more for athletes who are looking for other avenues in life. And yes, I have attended sporting events in the event that I could write about how establishment continues to step in front of a good athlete�s character issues and muddies that athlete�s reality with some of society�s biggest enticements.� �Your honor, this is character assassination. He can�t speak ill of me in that fashion.� �Mr. Moore those are some serious allegations. Can you back them up with fact?� �Judge Mathis I can back all of this up with the ultimate fact of establishment�s motis operandi. I call as my surprise witness Ryan Lei, the 18-year-old man that establishment wants to put in jail for seven years for impersonating a person like myself.� �Establishment is this true? You want to put this young man in jail for seven years?� �Your honor he broke the law.� �Judge Mathis, young Mr. Lei didn�t break any known laws except for not paying for a ticket but whose fault is that? His or the baseball organization that didn�t do their homework. It is individuals like him that I write about and how they need to have second chances. And if an individual like Mr. Lei continues to mess up, then yes I do write about what needs to happen on that front too. But Mr. Lei deserves a second chance. Not seven years.� �I�ve heard enough. This is just outrageous. Locking a young man up because he wanted to get closer to the players he adored. Next thing you are going to tell me that I can�t talk to Ben Wallace this season.� �Uh, pardon me Judge, but Big Ben is in Chicago now,� I quip.

�Oh really? That�s even better. Then I can wear my gators to the game. But this case is dismissed. Mr. Moore, continue your fine work.� And thus my quick trip to Judge Mathis� courtroom that ends in an acquittal. My sentence, more years of continuing to write about how the establishment is forever giving athletes a hard time in life.