Let the $$$ Flow MoneyMoneyMoney Sport’s Illustrated Fortunate 50

Updated: August 12, 2006



Whatever the Wages

of Sin may be

they can’t compete

with Sports

Sports Illustrated has released its annual survey of what it refers to as The Fortunate 50 An under-statement if there ever was one. How about the The Fabulously Wealthy 50. Sports Illustrated that would be more accurate.

Do we even have to tell you

Which athlete is # 1 so far ahead of anyone else # 2 did not even bring in half as much last year. Once again topping the List is The 100 Million Dollar Man. The Richest Athlete on Earth Tiger Woods. Rumor is Tiger won’t read Bill Rhoden’s new book ” 40 Million Dollar Slaves ” because he makes so much more.


We are here with today’s Box as a Public Service to report on the state of all Rich Black Athletes as defined by the SI Rankings.

24 1/2 (if you include Derek Jeter) of the 50 are African American or 50% of the Total.

So why is it

That African American DON’T have 50% of the power and 50% of the Executives and 50% of the Ownership in the Sports Industry. Why doesn’t ALL that follow the same logic. If you ask Bill Rhoden in his new book it is because these fabulously rich African Americans are ” 40 Million Dollar Slaves.”

For our Part here is

the Black component of the SI List

latest annual income of the Richest

and their Ranking on the List


Tiger Woods



Shaquille O’Neal Miami Heat



Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers



LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers



Derek Jeter New York Yankees



Michael Vick Atlanta Falcons



Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves



Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers



Tracy McGrady Houston Rockets



Chris Weber Philadelphia 76ers



Michael Finley San Antonio Spurs



Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs



Jason Kidd New Jersey Nets



Vince Carter New Jersey Nets



Jermaine O’Neal Indiana Pacers



Stephon Marbury New York Knicks



Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants



Brian Grant Boston Celtics



Anfernee Hardaway ( Retired NY Knicks )



Grant Hill Orlando Magic




Jalen Rose New York Knicks



Paul Pierce Boston Celtics



Steve Francis New York Knicks



Edgerrin James Arizona Cardinals



Eddie Jones Memphis Grizzlies


Collectively that adds up to about $600Million in income this last year. A rather amazing 20 of the 25 are NBA Basketball Players. That tells you everything about the bargaining power of NBA players compared to NFL and MLB players. Especially NFL. The NFL being an even more profitable league but the player salaries are kept well capped all things considered. In comparison.

In addition to the 20 Black NBA players, there are only 2 NFL players, 2 MLB players, and then of course there is Tiger Woods in a League by himself.

What is left to say


so much Black Wealth

so little Black Power

Too Bad

Very Bad

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