Justice Delayed Not Denied At Oklahoma

Updated: August 3, 2006



You may not Remember

in fact let’s assume

you don’t

But one of the many Outrages that continue to be perpetrated against African American college athletes most of all Black Quarterbacks ( just last week again this season at Florida and LSU reported in the Box ) …….

………last season occurred what was one of the worst Abuses watching Oklahoma’s Black Starting Quarterback Paul Thompson who had clearly won that job in the 2005 pre-season and was so announced, was summarily humiliated by Head Coach Bob Stoops yanked from his position before even one regular season game was complete in favor of White Freshman Rhett Bomar

Who by his own words and

aggressive remarks

labeled himself

White Trash

Oklahoma went on to a seesaw season characterized by Bomar’s sporadic and second rate play at Quarterback most games with Oklahoma a pre-season pick as a Top Ten Finisher and possible National Championship Contender again, instead finished ranked 23 in the AP Poll. Bomar threw all of 10 TD all season to go along with 10 Interceptions. He proved at best average. No basic for his pre-season ranting and raving that he not Thompson should Start.

And Bomar unlike the kind of free ride that Paul Thompson would have NEVER been allowed, Bomar was cited for underage drinking and drunkenness twice during last season but did not even miss one play as a result.

While Paul Thompson suffered the ultimate indignity being forced to play another position ( wide receiver ) so reminiscent of the fate of Black Quarterbacks since the very beginning of Football. And all the while smiling and accepting his “fate” so he at least had some chance to play. At any position.

Well Sports Fan

if only what came around

comes around the way

it has at Oklahoma

more often in Sports

and even more in real life

what a Better World

this would Be

It has just been announced that Bully Rhett Bomar has been DISMISSED from the Team for “egregious” violation of NCAA rules. Extra Irony here we will get to later. It seems Bomar in flagrant violation of NCAA rules has been cashing in Big Time. The word is Bomar and another Sooner were getting paid by some Oklahoma booster the Big Bucks for “not working” jobs they had.

Now what are the Sooners to do ????


They have 3 other White Boys listed as Quarterbacks on their Roster other than Rhett Bomar who has been PERMANENTLY dismissed from the Sooners. One a Freshman, two Sophomores NONE with any experience Quarterbacking for Oklahoma, have NEVER Quarterbacked a play for the Sooners and …


Oklahoma has waiting on the Sidelines

a Senior listed as a Wide Receiver

None other than

last season’s pre-season Starting Quarterback


Paul Thompson has instantly and miraculously become Oklahoma’s best real in fact only means to rescue a 2006 season for a team that was to be “built around” now former Sooner QB Rhett Bomar.

The added Irony here is

That the Draconian NCAA regulations which put rigid limits on any compensation players get is in one important way at the root of Bomar’s dismissal. So that Oklahoma has been shaken by the very “rules” these schools glorify a means of keeping all the Dough for themselves none for the players.

So that Oklahoma

Which was once again looking for a very lucrative season and happy wealthy Alumni with a 2006 team built around White Quarterback Rhett Bomar are now in an instant in Turmoil. With no comparable White replacement.

The only Question now is

will Stoops and the Sooners

repeat their mistake

of last Season and

( aka Racism )

turn to one of their

inexperienced White Quarterbacks

in order to avoid naming

Black QB Paul Thompson

their Starting Quarterback

and throw away this season

or will they admit their Mistake

and make Paul Thompson

Starting Quarterback

Again !

We’ll see Soon(er) enough.

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