Jerry Rice Searching For Some Reality

Updated: August 24, 2006



The 74 residents of

Madden, Mississippi

almost all of them

African American

Were treated nonetheless actually because of where they live to a visit by Football Greats in the persons of Jerry Rice, Warren Moon and Marshal Faulk equally African American. Brought together by two very White businesses Microsoft and Electronic Arts. Bastions of American enterprise.

The reason for this Hoedown was the official release of one of the most wildly successful games of all time, electronic or otherwise, the latest version in the Madden series Madden NFL 07. In fact the Xbox version of the “real” NFL is becoming so life like so incredibly sophisticated …….

…. at sometime in the not to distant future the NFL owners may abandon the “real” game and secretly substitute let’s say Madden NFL 12 on Sunday afternoons on televisions across the land and no one will be the Wiser as the Owners keep ALL the money and eliminate live players completely.

Far Fetched

wait and see

Anyway. Back to tiny tiny Madden, Mississippi, Tuesday. Why Madden, Miss. Because it is the only place in all of America named MADDEN. So the Marketing Gurus who work for Microsoft and EA decided it was a good way to get attention. Arriving in town with a batch of the new software and giving free copies to all 74 residents. Big spenders obviously. It worked. Here in the Box.

The Smart Move

the one we compliment

Was having the guts and the good sense to hire 3 African American Football SuperStars of recent vintage, and no White players at all, believe that, to be their Spokesmen for the Day. OK the Cynic responds the only reason they did that was that Madden, Mississippi in one of the smallest towns in America.

Here in the Box today

we’re going to be more


if only for a Day

Anyway this story isn’t really about Madden NFL 07 but rather after the long introduction here comes our subject of today Jerry Rice. Rice caught our attention because now in Retirement what he wants is his own Reality Show after getting a taste of the Bright Lights in his stint Dancing with the Stars last TV season. Apparently to a decent audience and good reviews.

Sorry we forgot to watch

Anyway Jerry Rice thinks he has come up with a unique angle on the endless flow of Reality “product” on television broadcast, cable and every other form of video entertainment. Let’s start with the title of the proposed show “The Underdog.”

That should tell you something. Specifically Rice wants to take Life’s Losers of which there is an inexhaustible abundance ( it could be you ). The story board will be built around A Black Man Rice taking the Dregs of Society and with the power of his success oriented personality, his experience with success and the strength of his personality take these Chosen Ones Higher Higher and HIGHER.

It could work

we wish him well

since so far

in this Very Profitable Genre

you’d almost think only

White Folk experience Reality

Anyway. We want to offer some very public advice to Rice. It has just been announced the ORIGINAL Reality Show Survivor is moving to a RADICALLY new format for one season so that it is no longer about WHITE Survivors and ONE Nasty Angry Token African American who gets kicked of the Island first.

The next edition of Survivor is going to start off with racially defined teams 4 teams White, African American, Latino, and Asian. Or Survival of the Fittest Race. Rice should test out his own Reality Show concept by getting chosen as one of the African Americans on the NEW Survivor easily become the Team Leader and take his Band of Black Brothers & Sisters motivate them to excel. Then go and Kick Some White, Latino & Asian Ass and claim the Island and Victory.

What a trip

today the Box traveled

from a small Southern town

into the World of CyberSpace

to some exotic desert Island

with Jerry Rice

African Americans winning

all the Way and without

ever leaving the Box

The Black Box not

the XBox

What a Trip !

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