It’s Time For That Other Wide Receiver To Quit Sniffing His Own Greatness

By Gregory Moore
Updated: August 27, 2006

Terrell OwensSAN ANTONIO – It is time for Jerry Jones to realize that his $10 million gamble is a $10 dud of a ball player. If you want to see a snake oil salesman make money, take a good look at Terrell Owens. Owens is the only football player that I have ever seen who can spin his hype machine to the point that grown men simply believe what they see in the mirrors.

Forget about the smoke because these owners are so blind, they don’t need smoke to hide the illusion. And what’s the illusion? That Owens is a game changer. Owens is no more a game changer than Lassie was an Emmy award-winning actress in a daytime drama series.

Owens is basically a wide receiver who would be better served in a pair of nylons trying to sell the public on a new malt liquor than trying to be the next great Cowboy in Big D.

Yes I’m saying it. Owens is a bad seed that should have never been signed by the Cowboys. This is classic Jones though. Instead of him listening to his coach, he’s listening to his marketing staff. Jerry needs to stop listening to his son and everyone who thinks a big time star will save this franchise.

This team has a big name in Roy Williams but what the Cowboys need this season is playmakers and they really need one on the offensive side of the ball. So with Jones signing Owens, I can understand why that would be a logical choice. But now we are all looking at #81 as he rests his hamstring.

Owens has yet to be a team player and all I keep hearing from him on the sound bites is a bad PM Dawn impersonation of “Me, Myself, and I” that even William Hung would be proud to call him a friend.

Well Dallas fans don’t look now but I think I told you so. Owens is a canker sore that just doesn’t go away. He is like that gnat who constantly follows you around the house, bugging the hell out of you. Or worse, he’s the diva in a community play that thinks he should be on Broadway but has no singing voice, dances like a Clydesdale with weighted horseshoes and bellows like a bull in heat.

He continues this from play to play and things just remain the same. If you think Owens has changed then maybe you haven’t read the Dallas/Ft. Worth papers this morning, then you are truly missing out on what has become Owens’ trademark for teammate alienation.

According to both the Dallas Morning News and the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Owens has been fined $9,500 for missing team meetings and multiple rehabilitation sessions.

Well, hot dog. Who would have ever thought the bleached Zebra wouldn’t be able to grow back his black stripes at the end of August. Owens proclaimed in March that he was a new man that he was grateful for the opportunity. Yeah right. He promised the fans that it was going to be a show.

Oh yeah, it’s a show all right. It’s prototypical of the type of nonsense that got his sub-par performing behind ran out of Philly and shipped out of San Francisco. This is the very reason why Jones should have his head examined and for him to stop meddling with Bill Parcells’ grocery list.

Get rid of Keyshawn Johnson for someone who is more a malcontent than a pro bowl wide receiver? Yeah that’s right Jerry, talk it over with Stephen. Somewhere the two of you failed to put clauses into that darn contract and now that OTHER wide receiver known as T.O. is running amuck at Valley Ranch.

What is truly amazing is the fact that if you go to his website, he’s got a new look and he’s got a new theme song called, “I’m Back”. Nice beats. Whoever the rap group is, the lead raps about how people have kept Owens down, how he’s got a new team and that he’s no longer in the black and green. Sorry fellas but you guys are doing nothing more than following Owens’ lead.

That theme song is a farce. Instead of I’m Back it should be a snipe from Deion Sanders’ “Must Be The Money”. What Owens has done is once again put everything on him and took the limelight away from a team once again. Instead of being a team player, you have become the player hater once again.

I know it’s hard for the Dallas media to even roast him the way they should. There’s nobody up there who has the gumption to challenge Owens’ desire to be a team player. Nobody has yet to question his work ethic and there definitely haven’t been a single sports talk show host up there willing to tell Drew Rosenhaus that he and his client have given this team a bad image.

The media up there in Dallas won’t even think about doing such a dastardly deed because they want this marriage to work. Well maybe that’s the problem. They want this to work. I don’t want to make this morbid but Owens’ presence as a Cowboys’ player has done nothing but shone why many think Texans can’t think straight without the cowboy hat on.

The Cowboys have a diva and they need to squash her quick. Owens is so out of control now that when he really starts up, Jones will constantly keep saying, ‘Uh everything’s fine. Bill and T.O. will be just fine. They just have a difference of opinion on some things”. Yeah it’s called practice. It’s called being at team meetings.

It’s called showing up at rehabilitation sessions so that you can get your non-performing butt on the field. It’s called being a consummate professional at all times. Oh damn, I went to far with that last comment. Owens couldn’t spell professional because he’s never been one his whole career.

When was the last time he had a pro bowl appearance? 2003 and that was the year he decided to throw Steve Mariucci and the San Francisco 49ers under the bus. He’s a diva and Parcells had better rein him in.

So how do you reign in a player like Owens? It’s simple. You basically humiliate him so that he understands what humility is all about. The Cowboys really don’t need Owens as much as everybody thinks. He wants to rest and not play in any pre-season games? Fine. He doesn’t play in the team’s opener either.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t deactivate him. Leave him on the active roster. Have him suit up and think he’s going to be in that first game. Let everyone know that it will be a game time decision. And when it’s time to announce who will be the starting wide receivers, those receivers are Terry Glenn and Patrick Crayton with maybe Sam Hurd and another one waiting in the wings.

Where’s T.O. then? Try fifth wide receiver for that game. The guy who doesn’t get his number called. That’s called letting the player know who’s in charge on and off the field. If he and super mouth Rosenhaus want to cause a stink? Let him. Evidently what both of them fail to realize is that they are arguing with a billionaire who has Super Bowl rings; they do not.

Parcells knows this all to well. That is why in his mind, the OTHER wide receiver of choice he likes is Glenn. It’s the very reason why Drew Bledsoe and him have hooked up in the past two games with great plays.

When Crayton comes back, Bledsoe will look for him too because Crayton doesn’t want to be no part of Owens’ bandwagon. As we all like to say down here in the heat, “this is how we do it, Texas style”.

It is time for Owens to quit smelling himself. The greatness he thought he had really hasn’t been there since the 2002 campaign. That’s four years removed. Hell Bledsoe got a Super Bowl ring during that stretch as a back up. It is time for that other wide receiver to quit thinking he can play the field.

It is time for Jones to realize that he has possibly made a mistake and he needs to start reassessing where he is on this project. This team needs to win big time and they need to do so before moving into the new building. The fan base want to feel good about America’s team and it is Jones’ job to ensure that feeling is as positive as possible.

And if that means distancing yourself from that other wide receiver, then do so. I already have. I am tired of watching him try to play the three ring circus on a team that I have grown to love since I was probably five or six years old.

It is time for T.O. to find himself. That other wide receiver needs to hurry up and find himself or Parcells needs to let those other wide receivers that the top spot on the wide receiver depth chart is up for grabs. Either way, this team needs to win and the distractions are not helping the situation at all.

Koren Robinson FEELING NO COMPASSION FOR KOREN ROBINSON I am not feeling any compassion for Koren Robinson. Nope. Not one iota of compassion. And if the Vikings’ ownership wants to get rid of Dwight Smith, I say send his ass packing too. My compassion for grown men who are given the world in so far as making a living playing a child’s sport has officially run dry when it comes to breaking the law.

When the NFLPA files the grievance against Robinson’s firing, I say to the Wilf family to go ahead and let him keep his little $1.3 million. But if the union thinks that the Vikings don’t have just cause, I think they need to re-assess what’s really important in the league.

The biggest problem (well one of my biggest problems) I have with the union is that they constantly are trying to make guys like Robinson out to be misunderstood. These guys aren’t misunderstood; they are undisciplined with no regards to structure of any type.

As a matter of fact I say let me throw Adam Jones in the fray as well. The three of them, and any others in the NFL, who have committed crimes against society, need to be fired from their respective teams and the teams need to eat the grievance to prove a point.

I have long said that if the NFL really wanted to clean up the bad apples in the league, it starts with holding these players accountable for their actions. I firmly believe that if Georgia Frontiere had held Leonard Little to a fire of accountability, he wouldn’t have had that second DWI charge.

If the Dallas Cowboys had started holding guys accountable back in the glory days of the 90s, I firmly believe that Michael Irvin wouldn’t have been the person he was back then. Well it’s better late than never and it is time for the league to take a stance.

The NFL is not the playground for immature men who go and have babies out of wedlock because it’s fashionable. It’s not a league where they can dress any way they want and think that because they play the game, they can act as thuggish or boorish and not be held accountable for those actions. Sorry I’m not buying into that premise.

I may not like how Paul Tagliabue has taken the individualism out of the game but I will agree with him on players being professional and accountable for their actions. Smith, Robinson and Jones do not fit into the prototypical mold of a professional athlete and the league needs to back its owner on their dismissal.

It is time for the owners take a stance on these bad boys of the NFL. There are children watching and having them on the teams is a bad precedent. It is time for this league to make every single football player responsible for his actions on and off the field and if that means taking the extraordinary step that the Vikings did on dismissing a player, then so be it.

In the end it might be the best thing for this league and for the fans.