Is This A Con Game Or What Are NBA & NCAA Tightening Their Basketball Noose

Updated: August 30, 2006



It’s always a Good Idea

to Beware of anyone

wearing Sheep’s


At best they are a Weirdo. At worst Savage Wolves. Welcome to the World of NCAA President Myles Brand and NBA Commissioner David Stern. The Humanitarians that they are ( why are they wearing those Sheep costumes is it Halloween already ) in recent comments have announced they want to do more for the young basketball players around the nation.

They should be Canonized

do even more !!

Saints Brand & Stern

( Jewish saints !! )

Here is what they have up their Devious Sleeves. NCAA and NBA are discussing forming an official “partnership” to replace the more superficial separate worlds facade they operate in now. In no way not officially interacting because well the NCAA is about colleges and students and the NBA about professional sports and making money. See the difference ??


Brand and Stern now want to officially “partner” believing amateur basketball and a variety of non-sanctioned tournaments that feature lots of basketball players not under the control of the NCAA because these ballers don’t go to NCAA colleges – that they still need to be “reformed” and properly “educated.”

Brand and Stern are “concerned” too many of these amateur basketball players are wasting their lives and being “exploited” by organizations that simply do not subscribe to the HIGH standards of their 2 organizations.

But they need a 3rd partner

to Save these Young Men

The fact is the major athletic companies mostly those Damn Shoe Companies are fueling this insidious form of Basketball the NCAA and the NBA don’t control by funding these various tournaments and leagues and, paying performance fees and other incentives to players directly, etc., etc., etc.

In other Words they are

Out of Control

So Brand and Stern with the hoped for cooperation of the Shoe Companies want to expand their Reach into “renegade” basketball, Street Ball if you prefer, and assisted by the financial clout of the Shoes Companies, force these wayward leagues and undisciplined BLACK players to meet new standards be set by the NCAA, to be taken over by them and NBA FOR ONE AND ONLY ONE REASON ……..

TO SAVE these young men ( even older ones )

from wasting their Lives living

False Dreams

What these mostly young men need is to find out either they do the Right Thing and get themselves into a GOOD NCAA college where their education will be the priority ( hahahaha ) or they will find it harder and harder to play Street Ball, at least in any organized fashion like now making money and gaining some Fame.

Because there is Trouble

right here in River City

( any town USA )


Trouble, oh we got trouble,

Right here in River City!

With a capital “T”

That rhymes with “B”

And that stands for Basketball,

That stands for B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L.


We’ve surely got trouble!

Right here in River City,

Right here!

Gotta figger out a way

To keep the young ones moral after school!

Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble…

FORGET about Pool which they sing about in the satirical musical The Music Man. That’s in the past. That play’s theme is dated. The Trouble now is BASKETBALL … IMPROPERLY SUPERVISED Basketball.

OH NO here come the Cynics

why do they ALWAYS

show up in the Box ?

Here’s what the Cynics think. Sorry they forced their way into the Box. The Cynics think the NCAA is getting very NERVOUS that increasingly outstanding young basketball players may be turning to Street Ball as an alternative to the NCAA “system.” They just want to play Basketball NOT chase a phony college degree they probably won’t even get or if they do a worthless piece of Sheepskin because they played Basketball instead of going to classes.

The NBA and David Stern who are VERY well served by the NCAA “system” because it has made them VERY rich have every reason to support the Status Quo in Basketball. In addition both see the Opportunity to control a pile of the Dough $$$ that escapes both the NCAA and the NBA currently in these uncontrolled leagues and tournaments while at the same time …..

The NCAA players who can’t take a nickel without getting Busted for breaking the “rules” get even more disenchanted watching other kids having FUN ( God forbid ) playing a freer form of Bball and actually making money and accepting various items from Shoe Companies and others with NO penalty.


WHY ??

Because it is costing the NCAA and the NBA 1) money, 2) control and most frightening of all 3) Street Ball in its various forms might be on the Cusp of becoming a loosely organized THIRD FORCE in Basketball

Here is your Problem

Saint Myles B. & Saint David S.

TWO Big Ones


African Americans

( who this is all about )

aren’t as STUPID

as you want them to be


No matter what you do

you are losing Control

the kind you have enjoyed

in the Past here in

the new world of Basketball

and Sports and

you Two Devils can’t

Stop it happening !

( so put away the Sheep’s clothing )

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