Hallelujah College Football Season Underway This Weekend & Troy Smith Center Stage

Updated: August 31, 2006



Mirror mirror on

the Locker Room wall

who is the Fairest

of them All

There is a whole lot of Opinion that it is Ohio State Quarterback Troy Smith poised to lead the pre-season #1 favorite in the Major Polls to a National Championship if he lives up to his Reviews.

It may come down to a Battle Royal in the first ever Official College Championship Game At the brand new NFL Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, Monday night January 8, 2007, with Notre Dame and Ohio State clashing for it All. What a game it could be. If it happens.

Even earlier

Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn and Smith could well be the Final Two left slugging it out in December for that big heavy boxy to die for still if not as much as in years gone bye the hallowed ancient Heisman Trophy.

Smith began his preparation for this Championship Season way back on January 2nd with a sensational performance in the Fiesta Bowl being named MVP on the strength of completing 19 of 28 passes for a career high 342 yards passing and adding another 66 on 13 running carries as Ohio State overwhelmed YES Brady Quinn and Notre Dame 34-20.

Now they may be on a

Collision Course for

Far Higher Stakes

National Champs

What may be most impressive about Troy Smith as a Quarterback which is infrequently articulated but which we will in the Box for our fans – is that Smith maybe better than other running QBs like even the great Michael Vick and the new NFL superstar in the making Vince Young is this ….

Troy Smith once he reaches the NFL next year may better combine the elements of passing and running in a Quarterback that takes into account the “flaw” in the concept of the Running Quarterback better than anyone ever has.

Here is the Point

Troy may better than the others manage the inherent restrictions and dangers of being a Quarterback who also runs well with the Ball in that Troy clearly relies on his Arm and his Leadership Skills and running will never dominate his game but his ability to STRATEGICALLY run the ball well on a limited number of pivotal plays each game ……..

…….. will provide him and his NFL team a pivotal advantage and constantly keeping the Defense “off balance” but without Smith risking the injuries and bearing the wear and tear that Michael Vick has already suffered and which Vince Young may be forced to bear if his Arm does not get the job done.

That full evaluation will await

the 2007 NFL Draft

For now Troy Smith has one more Division I season ahead where the dynamics are somewhat different and the defensive lines most college teams place on the Gridiron nowhere near as brutal as even the weaker NFL team.

It’s a ‘different’ game

Back here where the Ivy grows last season Smith accumulated 2893 total offensive yards. 2282 passing and 611 running the Ball gaining 17 Touchdowns suffering only 4 interceptions. The contrast with his projected 2006 nemesis QB Brady Quinn is revealing. Brady passed for more yards and more TDs last season but in 70 running plays he was Pathetic gaining 90 yards So that overall the 2 were virtually identical Quinn with a QB rating of 109.7 and Smith 110.1 and when they matched up in the Fiesta Bowl Smith easily prevailed.

Now it’s on to the new Campaign

that begins Saturday

both teams


on ABC

Smith in the Afternoon

Quinn at Night

Let the Battles begin


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