Guess Who Has Best Pre-Season Record In The NFL Art Shell & Oakland Raiders

Updated: August 27, 2006



Perfect is as

Perfect does

A well worn saying from way back that remarkably finds new life in being applied to the 2006 Oakland Raiders YES THE OAKLAND RAIDERS. Under “new” Coach Art Shell they are Perfect this Pre-Season with the very best Pre-Season record in the entire damn NFL, How is that for Hope !

Friday evening’s game

proved it best of all

Oakland CRUSHED Detroit’s Lions reduced to pussy cats by the Raiders who SLAMMED them 21-3. With “new” Black Quarterback Aaron Brooks leading the Charge with 2 TD passes to yes Randy Moss !!


could they be the 2006 NFL

Cinderella Team !

The Raiders are now 4-0 a pre-season record no other NFL team can claim. Get this. Oakland has also scored far more points 76 than any other NFL team and given up only 33 points in total, Or about 1 TD per game. While averaging FOUR TDs per game themselves ( minus the extra point ).

O to Dream

Do we need to tell you any team that could maintain that ratio during the regular season would win their Division going away and he a heavy favorite to reach the SuperBowl. No predictions here. Far far far too early. But IF Aaron Brooks has found his Xanadu in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge and Art Shell can bring his coaching brilliance to bear and Randy Moss can do his Thing !!

All bets are Off


At this point making a Bet on Oakland’s prospects if you can get over to Vegas, bet on line or have a willing neighbor could be a good way to “earn” some post Holiday money to pay off those credit card bills that will pile up.

Look at these results so far

Oakland 16 Philadelphia 10

Oakland 16 Minnesota 13

Oakland 23 San Francisco 7

Oakland 21 Detroit 3

One more to go



That will be The Test that will confirm if Oakland is for Real. If the Raiders beat the Seahawks in their last exhibition game and go PREFECT this pre-season the floodgates will open and the rest of the Sports Media will start making the kind of statements we already are in the Box. What else is new ?

( follow the Leader )

The Raiders appear to have a mid-range schedule in terms of difficulty. Certainly no one rates them among the teams with the toughest schedule nor the easiest. They are in the unwashed middle with lots of others. A good omen may be they finish up against the New Jersey Jets. Who should be cooked by then.

As everyone knows or should Art Shell has the great honor ( and the NFL’s disgrace ) of becoming the very first African American Head Coach in the NFL when he began his first run as RAiders head coach in 1989.

That’s right if you need to be reminded. It was only 17 years ago that an African American finally was allowed to coach an NFL team. And to this day well well over half of the NFL teams have never had a Black head coach. Now Hall of Famer Art Shell ( for his playing prowess as an NFL offensive tackle ) has the opportunity in his second coming as Oakland Head Coach to take his dramatic pre-season success and do the Impossible this Season.

Whoever else you root for

this NFL season add

Art Shell’s Raiders

where is it said

you can only

root for one

NFL Team

NOwhere !

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