From Teammates To Enemies Off the Gridiron Thank Politics

Updated: August 18, 2006



They once operated

Mutual Admiration Societies

in Pittsburgh

Lynn Swann & Franco Harris

NO More

If you go back to the Glory Days when “Frank O’Harris” and Lynn Swann were Steeler teammates and even long after for example Swann’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech. These two guys were TIGHT.

NO more

Politics has come between them

Pennsylvania politics and

Swann’s run for Governor

Which brings us to President Bush before Franco Harris. The President ends up in quite a few Boxes. The second time this week alone. Well we all know he is a BIG sports fan and that he once “owned” (sic) part of the Texas Rangers.

Commander G as we affectionately call him was stomping stumping too in Pennsylvania for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann Wednesday after first making a more important and enjoyable pit stop at Harley Davidson just down the road somewhere in PA checking out the latest Mean Machines to take out on the Open Road when his days Screwing up America end. Soon.

Anyway Swann is hopelessly trailing the incumbent Democratic Governor Edward G. Rendell by 20% even more in some polls. This is one Goal Line Swan is unlikely to ever reach. Still recalling those Glory Days on the Gridiron Swann runs on and on and on. Toward Oblivion.

President Bush who craves for ANY excuse to get out of The White House and most of all command that Very Big Jet Presidents get as a Prize for winning The White House decided it wa time he finally showed his face for Swann and raise him some Green to squander on his listless campaign.

IF he could also have some FUN like going over to Harley-Davidson and talk Harleeeeys with the Boys. Heck maybe some football too maybe even sneak a little chewing tobacco after the press was herded away.

So what does Franco Harris

have to do with Anything

If you read Bloomberg News you’d know. Franco Harris has threatened if not actually gone all over Pennsylvania campaigning for Incumbent Rendell and against Former Teammate Swann because politics is Thicker. Harris is as much a left leaning Democrat as Swann is a right leaning Republican.

Let’s hear from Harris himself

as quoted by Bloomberg

“We’ve always been very close,” Franco said of Swann, a fellow member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. ” But right now I feel there needs to be a change in the direction from where our national administration has taken us and where the Republicans in state government want to take us.”


Actually this is just a continuation of their star turns during the last Presidential election when Harris campaigned for Kerry and Swann for Bush. Except now it is far more personal. Who would have guessed back when Harris was running toward and Swann catching Daylight Sunday afternoon in SteelTown that 25 years later it would come to this. Opposite sides of the Field.

All we can do

you too

is Hope in the End

Football wins out over Politics

and Swann and Harris

ride into the Sunset

Friends again as

W rides out of

Town on his

Big Harley


Mr. Pres-ident

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