First Round Fireworks U.S. Open Tennis Keep Your Eyes On Donald Young

Updated: August 28, 2006



The First Round of

A Major Tennis Tournament

is normally


( to some )

Not this U.S. Open. Not if you decide to follow Donald Young playing his First Round. Against Serbian Novak Djokovic on Monday. The 17 year old American on the ‘merits’ would seem to be far over-matched by Djokovic.

The 19 year old Serbian is ranked #20 in the world of men’s tennis. He has almost $500,000 in winnings this year so far. Young is ranked #248 and his winnings this year might not even pay for his racquets, balls and tennis shoes. Certainly not his living expenses. It’s all of $15,000.

What Young has going for himself

the crowd and his Promise

Both can take you

a long way

If you want to be simplistic but maybe still accurate Donald Young is the Younger Black Hope of Tennis to Older Black Hope of Tennis James Blake ranked #5 in the world right now and a serious contender for this U.S. Open Championship..

But approaching 27 and 10 years older than Young, Blake is getting Old in the Racquet to truly be A Black Hope of Anything. Yes it is unfair that nearing 30 is very old in a sport like Tennis. The long money is with Young.

Another difference the expectations

these next two weeks

If Blake doesn’t make it to the QuarterFinals let alone the Finals he will be labeled with Failure and his early Obituaries will hit some of the Sports Pages. If Young makes it to the QuarterFinals that will be his and the Media’s version of dying and going to Heaven even Higher at 17. The point is Donald might.

There is definitely

the Donald Young rooting section

at Flushing Meadows and beyond

we’ve joined and so should you

To get the full measure of Donald Young trying turning to this past Friday’s Wall Street Journal where they normally offer news you can take to the Bank. At the Journal they are GaGa over the 2 time U.S. National Junior Champion, and winner of the junior singles title at the 2005 Australian Open, the youngest player to EVER win a Grand Slam juniors’ title. As he did at 15.

Being only 17 Young gets “bonus” points at this U.S. Open. In addition to competing against the Big Boys, he also gets to defend his National Junior Championship at the same venue next week. Two chances to Win Big. Make that Three Chances since he is also competing in Doubles.

Another way the Savvy judge Potential is the same way the big sports gear companies do. By looking at their endorsement money. Young is a winner here having been signed by both Nike for clothing and Head for racquets.

One sobering fact remains

junior tennis success

does not guarantee

pro tennis stardom

Donald Young’s performance

Center Stage this week

will speak Volumes

about his Future

Monday Monday

so Good to me ?

Let’s hope so.

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