Did You Hear The One About The Candidate For Governor, The PR Woman & Lebron Now You Will

Updated: August 2, 2006



Back when LeBron James

was a very young boy

3 or 4 years ago

A powerful Black woman Alexandra Johnson Boone who is based in Cleveland Ohio guided The Chosen One’s youthful career and some say was the absolute key to his much later success.

3 or 4 years later.

Now she has a much Greater


Guiding a Conservative Black Republican politician to the Governorship of Ohio. At least current Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has a sports background to build upon. Having played football in college at Xavier.

Although that was

long ago and far away from

The Governorship of Ohio

Now having sent LeBron on his Lucrative Way Alexandra Johnson Boone, president of Cleveland based GAP Communications has time for more ambitious goals. If she can elect a Conservative Republican African American Governor of Ohio this year worse yet right in the middle of the Bush Fiasco ….

tell us there is

anything she can’t do

Right now Blackwell is far behind his Democratic opponent U.S. Congressman Ted Strickland, and if the election were held today. Well Blackwell would not have to worry about moving expenses.

Now is this really a Sports Story ??

Don’t doubt it for a Moment. Here in the Box we know that everything is Sports. It is simply a matter of understanding that Truth. We have every reason to believe Ms. Boone does as well. While her credentials in PR and communications fields are lengthy and go far beyond LeBron James. It is her work for LeBron James that has defined her image. And success.

It seems obvious Boone will tap into Blackwell’s Inner Athlete, use her skills to put him mentally back on the Gridiron at Xavier, with that same feeling that any game can be won. Any opponent Defeated. Glory within reach.

The Problem with that Strategy

May be Blackwell’s “teammates” in this election game.

Beginning with President Bush who some have accused of playing football without a helmet. Vice President Dick Cheney who will try and “buy the game” for his former (sic) company Haliburton. Condi Rice who thinks she knows everything about football but having applied those “skills” to Diplomacy hasn’t scored anything except Penalties. And Sec. of Defense ( a perfect title ) Donald Rumsfeld whose defensive game plan will be to Lie Lie Lie every play.

With that kind of a Team

And a Game Plan as a Black CONSERVATIVE Republican which means working with NO game plan to reach all voters and fellow African Americans, Alexandra Boone’s only effective strategy as de facto head coach of the “team” may be STEROIDS. Most likely Testosterone.

Certainly that Strategy

Will allow her to Beef up the team significantly with some REAL athletes. Beginning first and foremost with Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Marion Jones, and “new” members Floyd Landis and Justin Gatlin and many others.

Why limit Steroids to Official Sports

When applied to politics and elections they could add to considerably better performances by Candidates. What is one of the biggest slams on politicians and elections. Why so few voters and potential voters even care let alone vote.


The typical candidate for public office worst of all for major offices such as Governor is that most of them are so BORING. Now Barry Bonds may not having been BORING per se before Steroids. But what a Difference they made. Barry went from being of casual interest to fans outside of San Francisco to become The Home Run King packing ball parks across the nation and getting more Ink than God .

Why not Ken Blackwell

With the right combination of performance enhancing drugs he will make his opponent Congressman Ted Strickland look like a puny uninspired weakling who no one in their right mind would want to be Governor of Ohio when instead Ohioans can have Superman Ken Blackwell.

Who cares if his Team supports the worst decision in American foreign policy history the invasion of Iraq. Who cares if his Team is close to creating a police state in America for anyone it labels a “terrorist.” Who cares if his Team uses the same tactics of torture as all the bad guys do. Who cares if his Team steals from the Poor to give to the Rich. Who cares if his Team supports the slaughter of civilians in Lebanon. Who cares if his Team destroys the Environment.

Who even cares IF

his Team does not have a Clue

about African Americans


about Anything

with Steroids


is Possible

even electing a Conservative Black Republican

the next Governor of Ohio

what’s good for Sports

is good for Politics

Run Ken Run


Wednesday President Bush will be in Kirkland Hills, Ohio with Ken Blackwell standing shoulder to shoulder as teammates raising $ 2Million for the Election Game. Unfortunately we won’t be able to cover all the action because the Media is being barred from the Event. It seems you can only take this “team” stuff so far. Being seen with Quarterback George Bush is not a good idea these days.

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