Bitter Taste Of Success Grips Lastings Milledge

Updated: August 26, 2006



There are 8 million stories

in the Naked City and

one of them is

Lastings Milledge

That is the phrase a rather famous 50‘s show “Naked City” about New York City, began each episode. The series is long gone but the sentiment remains. Were it to be revived Lastings Milledge might well merit an Episode.

It is Sad. Lastings Milledge had been proclaimed the Mets Great Black Hope. Except it turns out The Amazing Mets don’t need one and even if they did Lastings doesn’t seem to be it.

The Fact is

he got the Chance but

He did not live up to the Hype

Milledge has been called up from the Minors twice by Minaya and Randolph this developing Championship Season and twice he has been sent back down. Because twice he has not produced the numbers nor even the Outfielding that would keep him Up. You might even say he is responsible for the Mets acquiring Shawn Green which insured Milledge’s recent Departure from the Bigs.

In his two trips UP Milledge has batted in the .230s with an occasional home run and some RBIs and unimpressive fielding prowess. Not the profile of a SuperStar in the Making. He’s no Ryan Howard for sure.

The real focus of today’s Box is the Human Dimension. Put yourself in Lastings’ cleats. You are the promising star called up to the most exciting team of this 2006 season and in the Big City to make it even Better. Flying on the private Mets jet, all the media attention, the Bright Lights. ALL you have to do is perform up to your Hype and you are Home Free. Up for Good maybe even playing a World Series your very first Major League season.

Except that while the Mets fly high opening up the biggest lead in the Majors you do little or nothing to add to those results. Then your Monopoly ticket is pulled and you are back on the Farm. Until Fate intercedes and a Mets relief pitcher suffers a freak accident necessitating the team to trade an Outfielder to obtain another Reliever and you are called Back Up again for another Try.

But you don’t perform Again

And so Shawn Green is bought and you are back down. Maybe this time the Mets have soured on Milledge and just maybe they see their best opportunity in trading him to a team this off season that truly needs to Dream he may be the One. Or Milledge might get another shot at Stardom this season. If he gets the Call again when the Mets expand their Roster in September.

Milledge’s best luck so far and

the Mets dumbest decision

May have been not offering Milledge as Trading Bait before the Trading Deadline with his unproven reputation still intact. It is quite conceivable very very likely the Nationals would have traded the Mets The Great Alfonso Soriano in a Heartbeat for nothing more than Lastings Milledge prior to the end of July.

Imagine the Mets with Soriano !!!

Instead of their 14 1/2 game lead it would probably be 20 by now. And Soriano a New York favorite would be drawing even more fans to Shea. The Mets would already be printing World Series tickets and the Mets would also be the likely winner of the Soriano free agent sweepstakes after the end of this season.

Actually Milledge may well

have been a Loser too

in this Scenario

Had he been traded to Washington. 1) He would have become a Starting Outfielder for the rest of the season come hell or high water, 2) the last place Nationals would be grateful for whatsoever he produced and not be all that concerned, and 3) he would play under far far less pressure.

Maybe giving him the environment he needed

to really become The One

Instead as you read the Box Lastings Milledge is in Limbo otherwise known as the Norfolk Mets again, riding the bus again and PRAYING he gets called back UP. Even IF he does very very unlikely to survive the post-season roster cuts. Maybe to be unceremoniously traded away in the Off Season after watching the Mets TickerTape Parade up Broadway from far away on TV.

In fact it is all Up in the Air

For Lastings Milledge

right now and why

he’s one of

8 million stories in

The Naked City

Episode Over

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