Best Black Boxes For 2006

Updated: August 23, 2006




Ever hear of Roswell

how about Area 51

There may well be the Explanation we need about “supposed” performance enhancing drug use by Athletes – Black Athletes our concern – that NO one has uncovered until now. Right here in the Box. How many stories have we broken ? This may be the BIGGEST ever.

Think about it

It would be one thing if athletes like Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Justin Gatlin, etc., had good reason to believe they would not be caught if they used drugs by the ever more sophisticated testing techniques …..

But they don’t

They all get caught sooner or later. If you include White Guys like Floyd Landis and his use of drugs in as hopeless attempt to be the winner of the Tour de France the scenario becomes even more Absurd.

And the fierceness, the sincere believability all of them express in denying any and all drug use now or ever in the past. There must be some other explanation other than that these athletes willfully took performance enhancing drugs. Knowing they would be caught and penalized in many ways.

The answer is so Obvious

why didn’t anyone see it

until we did and

Get to break the Story. Maybe we do have an advantage over other media even gov’t agencies like the CIA even Black Ops. Some of the best minds to be found anywhere are employed to create the Box.

Our conclusions are astonishing

but inevitably true.

Let’s take a look at Alien Abduction. Thousands of individuals throughout history have claimed Alien Abduction. Many have provided remarkable detail about their experience. How it has changed their lives forever. Quite a few have written books. It simply cannot all be Fabricated. Alien Abduction is a Fact.

What has been missing from this subject so far is the supposed lack of Black Athlete Abductions. Not a single one among the thousands of reports. WHY. Because that is what this is all about. The Aliens have been purposely circulating misleading information just like the Brits did about some whackos about to destroy 9 huge jets using small amounts of hydrogen peroxide in soda bottles.

Marion Jones

Barry Bonds

the Others

Are being used as experimental human subjects by creatures far superior to us from light years away in Outer Space in an attempt to perfect drugs that will allow them to take human form ( which everyone knows they are capable ) and come to Earth and take over Sports as part of their Evil Master Plan to subjugate humans and turn us into their Slaves ( and food for dinner ). Using these drugs !

Think about it

Nothing commands human attention and passion like Sports. Not food, not sleep, not shelter, not even Sex or Shopping. If the Aliens can plant Super Athletes in all Sports they will become Heroes to millions across the USA and the world. And once they do they will have the Power to tell us anything they want just as super athletes do now selling us all kinds of Stuff. We don’t need.

They will use that POWER to convince us the Aliens are our friends, that we should trust them, that we should put our lives in their hands, give them whatever they want because they are Good.

Yes it’s a Diabolical Plot

But again for it to succeed they must Experiment first.

What group is going to raise the least concern and generally considered most expendable African Americans of course. So when no one is looking and while they sleep Black Athletes like Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Justin Gatlin, etc., etc. etc. are lifted out of their beds their brains anaesthetized, their bodies paralyzed and advanced technology beams them up to the Mother Ship where the performance enhancing drugs are secretly administered.

The next thing all Marion or Barry know they are waking up in their beds after a GOOD night’s restful sleep and they feel SO good, ready to take on the World, excel in their Sport, be the Champions they are.

While high Above

the Soul-less Aliens

monitor their every move

relish their every Victory

knowing that soon

very very soon

they will


Marion & Barry

and the Others

and become

Our Masters

Trust no one.

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….