BASN Raps With The BushWacker, MVP and Smooth

By Cedric Fergus
Updated: August 21, 2006

Three Point Champion, All-Star Game MVP, and Defending Champion:

Donnell Cummings

Queens, NY—It has been a pretty good year for Donnell Cummings, the somewhat shy hoopster who stars for the defending champions, No Excuses. Two Sundays ago, Cummings won the first three-point shootout during the Almighty Force’s Superstar Sunday with a score of 15 out of a possible 20. “I thought I had a great chance coming in. I knew John (Young) Miller and a couple of other great shooters were in the mix, but I always follow through on my shot and angle myself correctly,” Cummings said.

With a win in the three-point contest, you think Cummings would have been content—but no. He decided to hit the game-winning buzzer-beater during the Superstars’ game. “When I got the ball at the top of the key, I faked and went in, and then out. I knew it was going in as soon as it left my hands,” Cummings told Black Athlete. “Next year, I’ll repeat as champion. In fact, I’ll repeat for as long as I live.” Now that ain’t somewhat shy.


Queens, NY—Black Athlete sat down with one of the best little giants in the Almighty Force Tournament—call him Smooth. He’s a point guard on the deepest streetball team on the planet, Miller Tyme. In this section, “I Don’t Mean to Brag, I Don’t Mean to Boast, But…” we asked the streetballer to do the opposite of what the title says—brag and boast. So this is what the usually humble Smooth had to say:

“I’m the best little man in the game today. If you’re not 6’5” or better, I’m runnin’ up in you. I’m a giant in a little man’s body. When I play against someone, I look to see if they mix it up when they’re on offense. If they don’t, I dictate what they do. I’m like the old Damon Stoudamire with a touch of Baron Davis. I’m Smooth.”


Queens, NY—Known to all as the Bushwacker because of his penchant for dispensing hard fouls, Black Athlete sat down with the outspoken ex-player, ex-coach, and referee to get his thoughts on the state of street ball.

B.A.: What’s right about the state of street ball today?

BushWacker: The elevation of the talent. When I played, it was more specialized, and we were more specialized. The players today are able to do more things.

B.A.: What’s wrong about the state of street ball today?

BushWacker: And One. That’s what’s wrong. The And One Era. The players today take seven extra dribbles instead of doing what’s necessary—like a pass for instance. That’s a novel idea. A pass. And I don’t mean behind-the-back.

B.A.: Why is street ball growing in popularity?

BushWacker: Streetballers today have more credibility than back in the day. They’re going more places and are receiving greater exposure. They’re on television and on video games.

B.A.: Why are the playoffs so intense at the Almighty even though they’re not playing for money like the pros?

BushWacker: True players always have the hunger, and the fake ones fall by the waste side. It doesn’t matter if there’s money on the line. True players play.