Anderson Just Answer The Questions Let’s Get This All Over With

Updated: August 29, 2006



Enough really is


Former trainer and obvious still friend – correct that misguided hero worshipper – of Barry Bonds. Greg Anderson is back in Jail once again. Maybe he likes the Place. Would it be the gourmet food, the free clothes, the solitude or the companionship ? Or all of the above.

It must be Something

It’s Greg’s 3rd time in the Slammer in a year. First with a tap on the wrist sentence for money laundering and illegal distribution of steroids, then for his first Sounds of Silence before the Grand Jury, and now again for more Silence.

The Dude either does or doesn’t have something to HIDE for Barry in refusing to answer any and all questions regarding Barry Bonds. And the Wonderful Human Being Barry is he refuses to tell Greg “to just tell the Truth.”

Instead he let’s Misguided Greg

ROT in Jail potentially

Forever for Silence

Why Barry ??

Let’s see if we can figure this out Sports Fans. Greg Anderson will not answer any questions about Bonds before a Federal Grand Jury which he is obligated to do under our system of law. Or go to jail for Contempt. And Barry will do nothing to keep him out of jail by telling Greg to obey the Law.

So here is what Bonds’ Apologists

would have us Believe

Greg Anderson in “truth” knows nothing whatsoever that might be detrimental to Bonds. There is no question the District Attorney might ash him that would do anything but exonerate Bonds of any conceivable allegation.

But Greg Anderson on principle does not believe anyone working for the government should be allowed to question a citizen about anything. In defense of that Sacred Belief Greg Anderson will spend his life in prison if need be.

At the Same Time

according to the

Bonds Apologists’

Greg Anderson is by implication SCREWING Barry Bonds because if he testified and answered all the Questions TRUTHfully Barry would be Home Free because Anderson would testify Barry never ever used anything more potent than flaxseed oil, and even more knows Barry never avoided paying any taxes.

Here is the Real Deal

IF Barry Bonds wants to be Believable. That he has never used Steroids. That he has nothing to Apologize for. That all his HomeRuns are Legit than their is no doubt not only would he urge Anderson to cooperate with the Grand Jury as the law requires, but that he would condemn Anderson if he does not


In refusing to testify Greg Anderson

makes Barry Bonds look

very very Guilty as “charged”

in the Court of Public Opinion

So Barry please please

Free yourself and Baseball

Tell Greg to


get himself out of Jail

answer the Questions

so we can all get rid

of the Distractions

and Play Ball !

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