What Did Brown Do For You? Absolutely Nothing!

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: July 5, 2006

NEW YORK � Around this time last year, New York City was all abuzz with the fact that legendary head coach was coming home to save the day for the New York Knicks. His press conference at The Theater at The Garden attracted more than 200 credentialed print and talking heads. It was a sight to see for albeit for a losing team. But, the day was filled with what turned out to be false hope and pipe dreams.

It seems as though the very moment Coach Brown�s ink on the ridiculously overpaid contract he signed (50 million for 5 years�guaranteed) was dry he went on a roster basing campaign. There were words such as, �I have a college team,� �I don�t know what type of roster I have,� �The roster is very unbalanced,� and my personal favorite, �I have to do a better job of coaching this team.� Yeah, you were most certainly right on that assessment, Coach Brown because you did a horrible job.

For 10 million large and with the reputation of making players better or getting the most out of players with limited skills you failed miserably. Not only that you did what is taboo in the coaching world and especially in the world of Cablevision boss, James Dolan, you went public with dirty laundry. That was done really without cause and justification and especially with who was supposed to be your star player in Stephon Marbury.

When a coach is paid in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars, let along millions upon millions their job is to get the most out of the players with encouragement and teaching the better and finer points of the game of basketball.

But, when you have a coach that is constantly lambasting his players, feuding with players, ignoring managements desire to keep things in house and most of all to act as if the actual games during the season were some sort of extended training camp or proving ground for your own personal reasons.

The Knicks under now former coach Larry Brown shattered an NBA record with 41 different starting line-ups. Some line-ups were different because Brown for years has always allowed a player to start in his home city, so a pass can be given for that. But, on the occasions especially when it appeared that the squad was trying to develop some sort of continuity, case in point, the team�s six-game winning streak to start the calendar year off, Brown came up with another change and another player bashing.

Now that the Brown era has come and gone with the quickness, it is time for President/GM and Head Coach Isiah Thomas to not only win games with the players he personally brought in, but with the shattered confidence of some of the players Brown left behind it will be time to heal fractured egos.

In the end, Brown did nothing for New York.