The Savior Of New Orleans Reggie Bush Black Jesus Really?

Updated: July 5, 2006



How desperate is

New Orleans


One clear indication is the place of Sports in the Group Consciousness of the Big Easy. Lots of Orleanians are looking for Salvation on a Gridiron. Specifically from the aptly named New Orleans Saints and their widely and newly if unofficially Anointed Savior Reggie Bush.

If you think that is

Far Fetched

You haven’t been reading. Specifically the New Orleans sports media most of all the comments of residents and fans. Almost one year after Katrina, New Orleans remains a Big Mess. Signs of life for sure are there in the same way there are “signs” in Baghdad. Few and far between.

Billions $$$ have been Wasted

in New Orleans

and Iraq

Corruption is out of Control

in New Orleans

and Iraq

It is unsafe to Walk the Streets

in New Orleans

and Iraq

The Bush Administration is BS-ing

about New Orleans

and Iraq but ….

There is One Big Difference between New Orleans and Iraq. Football. Specifically NFL Football. And most of all Reggie Bush. Even though the Savior of New Orleans expects to be paid well for playing Jesus in the SuperDome on Sundays in the Fall. He still has not agreed to a Contract. This is not Galilee and its not 2000 years ago. Saviors are no longer Cheap. If they ever were.

Still isn’t it Interesting

the U.S. city with

the most abused

Black population

and worst poverty

and crime

turns to a

Black Messiah

who plays Football

NO Less

It does and doesn’t make Sense. New Orleans which is never going to be the Old Orleans under any circumstances needs an emblem a symbol of Strength and Progress. For better or worse there is some logic to an athlete taking that role.

After all our Religion is

for all practical purposes


in America if not

all over the World

If New Orleans is going to choose a sports figure as its Savior they can’t do any better than Bush. As a matter of fact they have no other Options. Nobody else on the Saints remotely qualifies. The other major team if that is the word is the New Orleans Hornets. Both teams are Losers.

Everyone is agreed Bush has the potential to be one of the greatest running backs ever. If healthy for all of the 2006 season there is NO doubt he will supply the energy to the Saints and make them far better than last season. Even Bush probably can’t get the Saints to the post-season but many are already convinced he will be Rookie of the Year. That’s enough

For his part Bush is doing his bit to fit the role of Savior. He has donated $86,000 to resod a football field in New Orleans used by many local high school teams. He has donated $5000 to Holy Rose Academy, a school in New Orleans for children with special needs in danger of closing. He will also use money from sale of his jersey for other projects in the city. No doubt he will sign autographs and make appearances to promote New Orleans. As he has already.

That is the upside of

Reggie Bush as Savior

The downside is that no matter what a football player does on or off the Gridiron no way matches the problems and challenges New Orleans faces in fact Katrina or no Katrina. Before and after Katrina New Orleans is the most impoverished city in America once you get past the White Elite.

If Reggie Bush was going to be

a Serious Savior

At the very least he would speak out to criticize the Bush Administration as well as local politicians for their dismal management of New Orleans, for their treatment of the Black community in New Orleans and for the scandalous response to the post-Katrina New Orleans.

In reality

in the tradition of

American athletes

including most

Black Athletes

Expect Reggie Bush to keep his mouth shut and say NOTHING. About the conditions of New Orleans. That dear readers is as far as you can get from what anyone who is a true SAVIOR or Black Jesus if you prefer would do. Imagine the “original” Jesus back 2000 years ago or having His Second Coming today saying NOTHING at all about the state of human society in general and NOTHING at all about New Orleans. Or its many Problems.

Real Saviors

( not feel good ones )

talk the talk

walk the walk

the most we should expect

from Reggie Bush is

some great football

and A Feel Good

for New Orleans.

Don’t stop Praying

for New Orleans

’cause Reggie

has Arrived

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