Most Wanted Alfonso Soriano

Updated: July 26, 2006



O to Be

Alfonso Soriano

what Turbulence

what Desire

It almost seems there are 29 teams each wanting to bid for his Services. For the final 10 weeks of this Season ( and some hope the post-season ) and maybe an advantage in signing him to a long term Deal. For Mega Bucks.

That’s IF

Washington’s Nationals

really want to

Let Him Go

It makes all the sense they would. After the last game of this regular season the last place Nationals will lose his Services forever and get nothing in Return. Unless he stays. Which he probably won’t. He says he’s happy in DC but …..

As for the Nationals ….

They can get their pick of the best young talent ( maybe ) that 6 or more leading Suitors are prepared to offer. Those teams being Pennant Contenders and Wild Card Wannabes. Who see in Soriano’s Bat the Magic Elixir to take them to the Top. But at what Price. Mortgaging the Future ?

If only Soriano came

with a Guarantee

IF we WIN the Deal stands. But IF we don’t. Give us our Great White Hope back. Unfortunately even IF that was a feasible deal ( which it isn’t ) Soriano is a FREE Agent at the end of the Season and NOBODY can force him to go anywhere he does not want. Soriano has a Perfect Storm going for him.


All this Buzz

Has inevitably enhanced Soriano’s value so that he will be asking for read demanding even more than the Big Bucks he would have anyway. Alfonso may never be rated one of the Greatest ever but right now he has the Offensive Skills and the Home Run Swing that makes him truly Notable.

Even Batting in a Pitcher’s Paradise

like RFK Stadium he could

win the Home Run Crown

maybe this year

He definitely wins Games and is a Threat every time he walks up to the Plate. Out in the Field he is now clearly certified at 2 positions Second Base and the Outfield even if he isn’t the best at either. A manager would not hesitate to have Soriano play either as his Bat is far more important. Far more than a few Defensive plays.

One other factor to keep in mind

Some who think themselves Savvy Insiders are CONVINCED that for next season and years to come George Steinbrenner will outbid all comers and bring Soriano back to the Bronx next season. Reversing his mistake of 3 years ago tossing Yankee favorite Soriano overboard unceremoniously. Well see.

( if he had it to do over he’d keep Soriano & leave Rodriguez in Texas )

That does bring up another point Alfonso Soriano is a Fan Favorite coast to coast 5 times voted to the Starting All Star Roster. He’s popular in DC now and he’ll be popular wherever he plays. At 30 and with his style of play and improvement he will likely play another Decade and the next 5 seasons more than likely to be the most productive of his entire career. Very Productive.

Which brings us

back to the Nationals

By Monday the trading deadline we will know IF Washington is really trying to deal Soriano or was all this really a Big Charade to convince Soriano that the Nationals won’t trade him even for some promising young talent.

The fact is

No potential super star of the future who most likely won’t prove as good as his minor league Hype anyway, no one young player is going to guarantee the Washington Nationals a future Championship.

And nobody in their right mind would have a Championship Strategy that would take more than 5 years to implement. Which means within the time frame of the new contract Soriano will get from someone, and within the time frame in which Soriano will be Peaking. The Nationals could well see in Soriano the Team Leader who takes them to the Promised Land and the Fans coming back..

As for paying the Piper the new DC owners the Very Wealthy Lerner Family has pockets even deeper than Old George Steinbrenner. Money will not be the Issue. Offering Soriano $100Million for 5 years and a no trade clause should do it.

By this time next week

Alfonso Soriano

may be far away

or more likely

still in DC

Either way

Alfonso Soriano Wins

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