McNabb’s Counter Attack It’s The Donovan & Terrell Show

Updated: July 23, 2006



How about this Skit

McNabb walks on to the set

with a can of Campbell’s soup

offers to heat it up for

Terrell Owens and

Owens accuses McNabb

of trying to poison him

Then McNabb’s mother who overhears the comment walks in and hits Owens over the head with a big soup pot. And Terrell yells out “See McNabb’s out to get me.” Very very funny IF well acted. In fact viewers would be rolling on the ground in hysterics. Even better if we cast Oprah as McNabb’s mother.

The Donovan & Terrell Comedy Show

( with Oprah Winfrey ?? )

could be BIG especially

on the UPN network

( or BASN !!! )

What has inspired us to do yet another Box episode of this Comedy Saga the biggest “feud” in Sports right now – is that McNabb ( as expected ) has shot back a volley in response to TO‘s new book which trashes McNabb anew.

It needs to be added since the Comedy is non-stop here that TO has also attempted to distance himself from his own book. He told reporters recently they should NOT hold him responsible for what is in his second bio which clearly lists Owens as the author because according to Terrell HE DIDN’T WRITE IT and apparently did not even read it before it was published.

Of course Donovan

isn’t buying it

TO‘s disclaimer

or the book

Here is Donovan McNabb’s direct quote regarding Owen’s newest book. McNabb slammed Owen’s work as a CHILDREN’S book. Specifically to quote him accurately he was far more Sarcastic. Donovan said he was going to write a book that would be placed next to Terrell’s in the CHILDREN’S section.

We’re assuming

McNabb is not serious about writing his own book.

But who knows upon reflection and a call from his agent well maybe.

And why not a CHILDREN’S book. Everybody writes children’s book. Even Madonna who reportedly doesn’t write anything except her name has written a CHILDREN’S book. Jay Leno has written a CHILDREN’S book. New York City FunnyMan former mayor Ed Koch has written a CHILDREN’S book. Katie Couric too of course. Spike Lee. Billy Crystal. Bill Cosby. Will Smith. Sting.

The List is just too long

to include it all

Now books are OK but we clearly favor a Donovan McNabb – Terrell Owens Comedy Series and even more IF they can get Oprah to take a part. Yes playing McNabb’s mother but also living a secret life which Donovan is not even aware as an African American Queen. Making Donovan a Black Prince. …

Which should enrage Terrell even more and lead to all sorts of Comedy Adventures and the characters shuttling between Philadelphia, Dallas and Africa. And while the Original Amos & Andy is a legitimately discredited series from the past that no one would watch today “Donovan & Terrell” has the potential of being an acceptable 21st century version. Of that Old Show.

IF only we can get

Donovan & Terrell

to make up or

even just simply

talk to each other

maybe it could

all work out

developed as

BASN’s new series

streamed live on the Internet

right on our Website and


( especially with Oprah as McNabb’s mother )

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….