Mainstream Media Will Blast Davis On Church Comment, But His Excuse Is The Bona Fide Truth

By Gregory Moore
Updated: July 18, 2006

SAN ANTONIO — The Chevy Impala SS that came out between 1994 to 1996 was a mean motor scooter. The car was fast and it looked menacing. It was so menacing that police departments had them as cruisers.

Today, these cars are being tricked out and several young adults are adding fancy paint jobs, modifying the engine/transmission and adding the gigantic rims that they think are so cool. And every now and then somebody has their ride shot up because of somebody’s own jealousy, envy or self imposed street justice or stature.

Evidently, Dallas Cowboys safety Keith Davis became a victim of this madness and his only excuse was that he was going home to go to church.

As the Dallas Morning News story points out, Davis was on his way home from a family gathering in Shreveport, Louisiana and told officers that he was headed home on IH 635 when the incident happened.

His excuse for leaving Shreveport? He wanted to go to church.

It doesn’t sound plausible to the mainstream media but it’s true in what he is saying. Monday afternoon an associate that I know who covers Dallas sports informed me that her mother attends the same church as Davis and Cowboys’ star Roy Williams.

In the e-mails that were sent to me, this person actually validates Davis’ story: “He (Keith) attends the same church as my mom. Funny thing is (as we watched the news during her reception) she said Pastor Ricky Rush was scanning the church LAST WEEK at IBOC (Inspiring Body of Christ church) desperately looking for Keith. Keith attends the 7:30 a.m. service. Roy Williams was in the front row as always, and Pastor asked him to have Keith to call right away, he (pastor) needed to see him. Word was he was MIA at church lately. Of course when he got shot, Rush was the person he called first…eerie!” This individual’s personal knowledge of actually backing up Davis’ story may never come to the main press because as it has quickly been eard, many are dismissing Davis’ claims as something of an excuse of what really happened.

The fact that this associate gave me intimate details about Pastor Rush’s congregation and WHERE both Davis and Williams sit is actually proof to me that he could be telling the truth.

What this e-mail also gives me is the church’s web address and after going there, I was able to actually ‘triangulate’ and verify Davis story even further. Davis said that he was traveling on I-635 on his way home and then he was going to get back on I-20 to go to the church.

As many of us may have heard this week on various talk shows, that story is ranking right up there with “the dog ate my homework”. In reality as this associate told me in an e-mail, Davis had been flaunting his rides on local television and thus everyone knew what he was driving.

If you will recall, I mentioned that there is a warp sense of entitlement for those who are not as fortunate as Davis in acquiring things. The candy apple red Impala SS has been seen around Dallas and evidently somebody wanted to let Davis know who they were on I-635 or Hwy. 75 (the toll roads in Dallas).

Their jealousy of what Davis has surfaced and made national news. But should the mainstream media be so blind as to think that Davis was up to no good?

Well if none of the media attends a 7:30 a.m. service at their church, they wouldn’t believe Davis’s story in the first place but Davis is active in that predominantly African American church and I’m sure that once people find out that he called his pastor first and then his family, this so-called fib everybody thinks he conjured up will come smelling out like the truth of the story.