Last American Standing Falls Shenay Perry

Updated: July 4, 2006



No not

Venus or Andre

those Americans

were already Gone

from Wimbledon

It may be a distinction the World will little remember but Shenay Perry always will. It will be among her Accomplishments in the world of Tennis. That in 2006 at the most famous tennis tournament on Earth Wimbledon she Shenay Perry was the Last American to be Eliminated.

And if she had not

what might have Been

It was the first time in nearly a Century that NO American male or female has made it to the Quarterfinals at the British Open Wimbledon. It fell upon an unlikely Heroin to keep America’s record alive. But she could not. Perry was quickly dispatched by Russian Elena Dementieva in the 4th Round Monday.

What is most interesting

about Shenay Perry

is what we don’t

Know about Her

she’s been Invisible

This is the First you are

hearing of Her

( most likely )

An example of an Athlete toiling in her Sport. From our perspective an African American Athlete playing her Sport without any real attention. Another Black Athlete who deserves better. Who with more interest and better support might have been the Star of this Wimbledon blowing past her opponent Elena Dementieva. On to the Quarterfinals riding a wave of American pride To the Semis ….

Then to the Finals

and Wimbledon Glory

Sure it seems Far Fetched Now

but it needn’t have been

Shenay Perry

The US. Open is

but 2 months away

Make U.S. Proud

Become …

The New Queen

of Tennis !

You can do It

YES you can.

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