Updated: July 20, 2006

Last Updated 07/20/06 JR TODD RACING FOR GLORY


At least there is

One Motor Sport where

African Americans are

making some Progress

OK yes it’s Drag Racing. So what. African Americans are competing in DRAG RACING more than we can say for NASCAR. Which is fueled with BS when it comes to African Americans. And why is NASCAR superior to DRAG RACING anyway ?? It’s all RACING.

Right now

( for this week anyway )

African American JR Todd

is King of Drag Racing

Why ??

This past weekend he won his first ever Top Fuel Event, at Mopar Mile High NHRA Nationals. Todd’s Top fuel win was also the first ever for an African American driver. As far as the National Hot Rod Associating, governing board for professional Drag Racing is concerned, Todd’s Victory is comparable to an African American winning a top NASCAR race .

Might as well appreciate the conditions Todd was racing under and still winning Sunday in Denver. The air temperature was above 100 degrees even more to the point the temperature registered was recorded at 146 degrees on the asphalt surface where the machines were racing.

On top of that as the photo above clearly demonstrates it was even hotter for Todd literally bolted inside with a massive engine behind him and wearing protective gear. And flame resistant uniform and full face helmet. It must have reached close to 175 degrees for Todd as ge raced to Glory. Hotter than Hell.

It was worth it

JR Todd is in the Running

for Rookie of the Year


What exactly is Pro Drag Racing

( since most of you don’t know )

and who is JR Todd

( since none of you know )

First the abbreviated definition

of Drag Racing from NHRA

“A drag race is an acceleration contest from a standing start between 2 vehicles over a measured distance. The accepted standard for that distance is either a quarter-mile or an eighth-mile . A drag racing event is a series of such two-vehicle, tournament-style eliminations. The losing driver in each race is eliminated, and the winning drivers progress until one driver remains. ”

Now here’s a brief bio of Todd

” Billed as �The Quickest, Fastest African-American in Motorsports,� Todd, 23 joined the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League program at age 10. At the age of 16, he earned his Super Comp license and later attended the Frank Hawley NHRA School of Drag Racing, where he honed his skills in Top Alcohol Dragsters and earned his IHRA Top Fuel license in June 2000. He is the first driver to progress from the Jr. Dragster program to the Top Fuel class. ”

Beyond JP Todd there are a group of other African American drivers working the NHRA circuit who are known within the fraternity, if not outside it like Antron Brown, Reggie Showers, Redell Harris and Michael Phillips who compete regularly and who have the potential to leave a far greater mark in this Motor Sport than African Americans will likely realize in NASCAR racing.

It’s a Start

and for one week

at least

an African American

is Number One

in Motor Sports


JR Todd

Wishing you many more

NHRA Victories

Drag on !!

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