Is Detroit Lion Mike Williams Playing With A Full Deck

Updated: July 21, 2006



Believe it or not

as difficult as

it is to Believe

it’s True

It has recently been revealed that last season Detroit Lions rookie and wide receiver Mike Williams was fined so often by Detroit for team infractions that YES the total added up to over $400,000 last season.

That’s right $400,000+

Which means based on Williams somewhat complicated 5 year contract which would pay him up to $13.5 million with possible bonuses, $9.7 guaranteed, factoring in taxes and the first and second year amount included in the Deal ….

Williams had to pay more in Fines than the actual salary he was paid which means Williams effectively played for Nothing ZERO dollars for the 2005 season and will in the 2006 season even IF he does not get one additional fine. Williams made $230,000 in actual salary last year and is scheduled to make $350,000 in salary this season. Factoring in taxes Williams is playing for ZERO.

( and doesn’t he owe taxes on the Fines as well ?? )

Yes that is Unprecedented

and it gets Worse

Since as you should know a Contract is not really a Contract in the NFL meaning that no matter the terms – with some rare exceptions the very top players negotiate – the so called Contracts are only good as long as the team does not Cut the player in which case the remainder of the contract is worth ZERO.

As a result of all Williams disciplinary infarctions most for being late for meetings late more times than you can believe, and for being Overweight. Here is the Deal with the Lions and Williams. The Fines that applied to all players on all NFL teams as a result of the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Late for a meeting

$9300 per meeting

( subject to increase for repeat violations )

For being Overweight

$457 per pound per day

Williams meeting tardiness became so Legendary reportedly the team begged him to move closer to the Detroit Lions complex. Probably adding to his problem in reaching the facility on time was the fact he remained out of shape slowed down by carrying around excess weight. The Lions did not release details about the Fines. How many meetings missed or how many pounds too many.

But both figures were High

without a Doubt

Also believer it or not Williams was among the prestigious Top 10 Draft Choices in 2005. Williams was the #10 Draft pic and Detroit’s #1 choice. The result ? He is playing in the NFL for nothing. And his 5 year “contract” with far larger payments in its later years may also bring Williams exactly NOTHING.

Because he is in Danger

Of being Cut in favor of some fierce competitors looking for his “job,” There are 4 players including Williams competing for the final 2 Receiver positions on the Lions. Well if nothing else you can assume Williams has now mended his ways. WRONG. At this pre-seaon’s min-camp Williams was sent home and told to miss the final 2 days BECAUSE HE WAS LATE for meetings.

If Williams still makes the team a diminishing expectation he will face larger Fines this season. For the 2006 season being Late for meetings will result in Fines of $11,000 and being overweight $582 per lb. per day.

Maybe the reason

Williams is so Cavalier

if he gets Booted

he can join another

Troubled Williams

Ricky’s his name

play in Canada

without any

NFL Fines

or maybe

Mike Williams

is simply playing

without a Full Deck.


In fairness Williams has an explanation

for his Lateness if not his Weight

” he over-slept ”

( and they still Fined him !!! )

As far as being Overweight

the Lions scale is probably Broken ???

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