How Good Can 10 Year Old Be Better Judge Justin Jenifer For Yourself

Updated: July 14, 2006



It would be Surprising

except nothing is


A 10 year old may well be the hottest property in Basketball and creating more Buzz Inside Basketball than even LeBron James. Even more than any “basketball player” in the history of the game ever has. This may be the first you are reading about very young Justin Jenifer of inner city Baltimore but if you were a basketball industry professional it certainly is not.

OK let’s get it out of the Way

the comparisons are with

Tiger Woods in Golf

And the Tiger Woods analogy makes sense in more ways than one. Justin seems to be following much the same Trajectory. Including the somewhat driven father who claims he is not. Tiger got an early name for himself appearing on some of the popular guest shows of the day putting on mini golf demonstrations.

In the age of the Internet today

Justin has an Advantage OLD Tiger Woods never had. You can easily go on line and watch Justin Jenifer for yourself playing videos of him playing Basketball. It would be very difficult make that impossible not to be impressed. Justin has an undeniable over sized talent with a Basketball.

He does it all

and more

Yes he can do the “tricks” like shoot basket after basket and never miss. Dribble two Basketballs as well as one. But in actual games his innate abilities ae even more on display. If not for the size of the players you might think you are watching an NBA game when you isolate on Justin.

All 4 foot 6 inches of him

Although he is a 4th grader this just ended school year he is already being frantically recruited through his parents by the leading high school basketball “powers” in the nation. 4 years before he graduates grammar school. And back to the Internet college recruiting Websites will begin ranking him once he begins 5th grade this fall. Yes Sports in the 21st century.

Of course Justin already has a personal coach and a “shoe deal” of sorts. While Adidas is not paying him exactly they are supplying the teams he plays for and Justin personally with all the first class gear he and they can use.

The financial benefits so far are limited to admirers slipping him or his father a few bucks. Reportedly LA Clippers guard Sam Cassell, a Baltimore native gave Justin a $100 bill after watching him make a dozen consecutive jump shots.

Currently Justin attends an inner city Baltimore grammar school, his family would be described as lower middle class, living in a very modest house they own and his father working two laboring jobs to support the family.

One big Question facing

Justin and his patents

may Biology be

his Undoing

Justin’s father Howard is all of 5’10″ and his mother Kisha an even shorter 52.” The chances of Justin reaching even 6 ft. may be remote. He may be so talented he will succeed well in the world of NBA giants even if as the shortest player in the League. In fact unless something drastic happens to change his Fortunes you can bet on Justin being in the NBA 12 years or so from now.

The Difference will be

At 5’10″ or 5’11″ it is virtually impossible he could become the Greatest Player Ever as he might were he to grow to 6’8″ or Taller. There is even some intriguing history here his father Howard was also a young basketball phenom in Baltimore at the same age as his son. Widely known about locally if not nationally. But by the time he played high school basketball his shortness and limited skills quickly ended what might have been a promising career.

Lucky for Justin

his father’s experience

is improving his


It is also undeniable Justin’s father never was in the same category as his son. The only thing that might turn this story “ugly” is were Justin’s parents to toy with the idea of Justin taking growth hormone or God knows what other kinds of treatments in an attempt to have him grow taller than he would otherwise.

That would take Justin

and Basketball to

a “new” level

With sinister implications in that it would be inevitable other parents and other youngsters would do the same adding a new element to the drug use in Sports. And specifically for Justin have him go through life judged as known as a bionic creature who is only as good as he is because he was genetically altered.

There is no evidence

Justin Jenifer

and his parents

are headed for

that Brave New World

let’s hope not.

Justin is Fine

just as he is

and will Be.

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