Hidden Racism Surfaces In Gatorland & Tigerland

Updated: July 28, 2006




How is it Possible

Two of the most Talented


in college football Today

are Fighting to keep

their Jobs against

Two incoming Freshmen


They’re Black

In a normal society what is taking place in Florida and Louisiana would be subject to widespread Ridicule. But this is Sports in 21st century America. Where Racism refuses to Die. Florida QB Chris Leak and LSU QB JaMarcus Russell were two of the finest college Quarterbacks in the nation last season.

Yet both are under Assault

By two incoming Freshman QBs

This story would be Absurd if it was not True. And it would NOT be true IF Leak and Russell were White. Under the circumstances for two talented incoming Freshman QBs there is no way on Earth either would have a Prayer of becoming Starting QB their first season.

Call it what it is


While African Americans have made what we must call “unbelievable” strides at Quarterback in recent years only because it has long been RESERVED as the ultimate WHITE position in Sports – the fact is that Bias has not gone away at best been mollified and become somewhat Dormant.

In Truth

most teams & most fans

Still Crave

WHITE Quarterbacks

no matter what

Chris Leak is one of the best athletes who has ever Quarterbacked for the University of Florida. It is very likely this his senior year he will break the all time Gators career passing record held by Danny Wuerffel. So far Leak has a staggering 8,271 passing yards. IF he starts the entire season he should beat out Wuerffel as the Best QB ever at Florida.

But be may well not

Reports are that the pressure is intense on Florida coach Urban Meyers to find a reason to dump Leak in favor of Freshman Tim Tebow who ESPN in a documentary last December about him labeled The Chosen One. Listen to Florida sports radio the rant against Leak in favor of Tebow is Intense.

Under Chris Leak the Gators were 9-3 last season beating powerhouses Tennessee, Georgia and Florida State, ranked #12 in the nation and winning their Bowl Game against Iowa, while laboring under first year coach Meyers.

There is no doubt Leak will be forced to play under intense pressure to keep his starting job game after game and that Tebow will get playing time no matter what. And it may take just one bad game, one loss with Leak Quarterbacking for him to lose his QB job permanently. The ultimate insult to a Star Senior.

Face the Facts

like it or not

only one reason

’cause he’s Black

If anything a few Southern states over in Louisiana at LSU the QB situation may be even more open to Outrage and Ridicule. JaMarcus Russell only a Junior this season. Last year as a Sophomore he was the finest Sophomore Starting QB in the nation leading LSU to a regular season record of 10-1 before losing to Georgia in the SEC Championship …….

……. LSU finishing #6th in the AP Poll and #5 in the USAToday Poll. Were it not for the overtime loss to Tennessee early in the 2005 season LSU under Russell’s Leadership might have claimed a share of the National Title.

Still JaMarcus Russell

is in a Fight to keep

his Starting Job as

LSU’s Quarterback

LSU coach Les Miles has so far offered no conclusive statement about his Starting Quarterback for 2006. How bad is the situation. Russell is being forced to compete to keep his job against a fellow Junior Matt Flynn who had virtually no play time his first 2 seasons, and against an incoming Freshman. Granted the Freshman is an African American Ryan Perrilloux but he is likely a Red Herring here. Russell is being forced to compete against Matt Flynn. Not Perrilloux. If JaMarcus Russell is dumped as QB it is Flynn who will replace him.

It isn’t even worth discussing had Matt Flynn been the Starting Sophomore QB last season leading LSU to 10-1 and #6 in the nation, with the same impressive stats and talents as Russell – it would be the height of folly to be writing that LSU was now in 2006 considering African American Russell as a possible replacement over Matt Flynn to become the new Starting Quarterback.

That would not Happen

Let’s also keep in mind that the possibility of Leak and Russell getting Dumped from their QB positions is even more insidious than the obvious. Both will be leading prospects in the 2007 NFL Draft but if either let alone both are unable to impress teams with their play in 2006 because they are benched, their stock in the Draft will drop dramatically. Their pro futures and their income potential will be severely degraded if they do not play all the 2006 season. Let alone either or both leading their teams to Glory this season.

So once again

Sports Fans

this Box

would be



Leak & Russell

were White

take careful note

Racism in Sports

is Alive & Sick

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