Here We Go Again The Feud That Never Ends

Updated: July 8, 2006




you haven’t written

a book yet ??

Well shame on you

it seems like almost

everyone on Earth has

now including Terrell Owens


That’s right Laggards Terrell Owens’ second book T.O. was or wasn’t scheduled to be published July 5, 2006 but try finding someone who has actually seen a copy. It appears Owens and his handlers are treated this book as though it is the next New Testament. But as always there are Leaks.

Now guess what is most

on T.O. mind these days

The very same thing that has been on his mind for well over a year his FEUD with former Philadelphia teammate Donovan McNabb. The classic case of Black on Black Bullshit. Neither of them can get enough of it.

But now Terrell Owens

has raised the Stakes

He’s written a book about. Yes yes ostensibly a story about his life from where his first book “Catch This ” ended. We say wrote but of course we mean ghost written for him by a paid professional writer. How many of the many many Celebrities who “write” books 300 or more pages of mostly Trivia about their largely Dull lives how many of them actually WRITE their books ??



Anyway back to Terrell Owens’ favorite subject. Terrell Owens. Reportedly the ONLY books Owens has ever read are books about him. Which means he’s read TWO books ever. Unbelievably no one other than Terrell has ever thought to sit down and write a book about Terrell Owens. Any of you writers or non-writers out there go for your keyboards. What an opportunity !

Anyway as we always do in the Box we have collected some Scuttlebutt ( how often do you see that word ) some advance info about TO‘s new book.. And here right here is Owens MAJOR revelation supposedly what you would spend $25 to learn which we are giving you for FREE right here …..


Terrell’s says flat out

Eagles’ Coach Andy Reid

wanted desperately to bring

Terrell back mid-season after

Terrell’s suspension in 2005 but

the EVIL Donovan McNabb

stopped him from doing it

And some of you thought you knew the Truth or that the Feud was made up in TO’s head. Think again the EVIL Donovan McNabb was out to DESTROY Terrell Owens. And now Terrell has written the book to prove it.

Prove it by making that claim in print where it will be available to generations yet unborn and humans living in galaxies far away in a thousand years. McNabb will never be able to hide from the TRUTH. Nor his descendants !

Not that he would want to

Because Donovan McNabb has the real TRUTH on his side. He KNOWS it is Terrell Owens who started the FEUD by unfairly attacking the Good Donovan McNabb. TO’s book is just more evidence how EVIL TO is.

It is clearly time for McNabb

to write his own book

to tell the TRUTH

For those of you who don’t care the publishing industry employs thousands and thousands of individuals specifically Americans for those of you reading the Box in the USA, and the publishing industry pays millions in taxes each year. Even more this all important industry in under assault by the barbarians like us who have left print behind in the new age of electronic media.

Terrell Owens with his two books, and if his second prompts Donovan McNabb to write his FIRST God Bless America and all of us who will benefit from McNabb’s wisdom even if ghost written. It does not matter. It’s all good for the economy and publishing and for FEUDS which are also good for the economy because they result in more books being written and keep Celebrities in the public eye.

Where they belong

or they would not be


( what would we do without them ?? )

We’d like to get more involved in the Box assisting the economy as well as bringing TRUTH to the world by publicly right here recommending to Terrell Owens a perfect subject for his THIRD book which Terrell probably has not.

It would be fascinating to learn in a book written by Terrell whoever writes it for him what prompted him at the recent NBA Finals between Dallas and Miami to wear a MIAMI HEAT t-shirt to the first game in DALLAS especially since Owens now plays for the DALLAS Cowboys.

In the minds of some who may not have the wisdom of TO it would seem the dumbest thing on Earthy that Terrell could possibly do is wear a t-shirt showing him clearly rooting for the team the Dallas Mavericks were playing AGAINST and doing it right in Dallas in the middle of 18,000 DALLAS fans. TO‘s “new” book would also explain how he made that fashion statement even larger by agreeing to be interviewed during the game on national TV wearing his MIAMI t-shirt.

All we can say is

Terrell Terrell


write another


Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….