Grand Slam Dontrelle Coming Back Strong

Updated: July 9, 2006


” I’M BACK ”

Since the Beginning

of Time

what any Pitcher


more than Winning

hitting a HomeRun

best of all


Welcome to Dontrelle Willis’ ever exciting world. Best of the too few African American pitchers in the Majors. Willis who has struggled this his 4th season in the Bigs is clearly on the Comeback Trail best of all characterized by his Grand Slam Friday night against the best team in Baseball maybe, and the corresponding Victory over New York 7-3. To go with the Slam.

Let’s talk about the HR first

’cause Willis would

The Dontrelle Grand was the first by a pitcher since June 2002 over 4 years ago. It was the first Grand Slam by any Marlin this season, Willis’ first Slam and his 4th career Homer. Willis is already acknowledged to be one of the best hitting pitchers in Baseball currently playing.

The larger meaning

Of Willis’ 4 Run Blast was to insure his Victory bringing his record all the way back to 6-7 from an earlier 1-6 embarrassment. He has won 5 of his last 6 decisions including a couple of complete games and almost a third. Dontrelle is now pitching up to form. Minus his bad start and the Marlins selling virtually all their 2005 roster and filling it with newbies, Willis would probably be among the Major League leaders again this year as he was last.

What does the future hold

There was manic discussion of a Dontrelle Willis trade earlier this season now that he is pitching well far less. As he becomes even more attractive to other teams the Marlins seem less inclined to let him go. Makes sense.

If you want to believe at least one sports journalist the NY Times Bill Rhoden writing Saturday the Mets are still in Hot Pursuit of Willis. Or it just might be as Rhoden Fantasy maybe a result of excess Caffeine or eating too many peanuts at the game since Times reporters are not allowed to drink on the Job.

Anyway in Rhoden’s Mind

The Mets should be willing to trade Lastings Milledge in a heart beat to get Willis. Unfortunately for Rhoden, Willis and the Mets they might not see it that way. On the other hand Rhoden offers publicly in his column Saturday to drive Milledge to Mimi himself to facilitate such a trade. Who knows ?

That might seal the Deal ?

We do know

Willis on the Mets and Willis pitching with this Mets team behind him would be a perfect combination for New York and a Disaster for everyone else. Dontrelle Willis would be perfect for the Mets and the Mets perfect for him. Lastings Milledge’s possible potential would indeed be a worthwhile trade. Right now !

Dontrelle Willis is a proven Commodity only slightly older than Milledge and Willis with likely be a powerful successful pitcher for another 15 years and his Bat an added Asset. And as everyone knows and has since the Beginning of Time Pitching trumps Hitting and Pitching wins Games

And Championships

Too bad Rhoden was not even in a more advanced altered state. The two most interesting and exciting players this season being trade talked are Dontrelle and Alfonso Soriano. Rhoden should have gone further and projected a multi-player 3 way Super Trade that would bring both Soriano and Willis to the Mets. And Washington DC is on the way to Miami anyway.

Maybe Rhoden has a Big Car ??

Then all that would be left

for Baseball to do

would be to pick a date

for the Nw York Mets

Ticker Tape Parade

up Lower Broadway

in late October

( and save a spot for Bill Rhoden )

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