Franchon Crews Owns Golden Gloves And A Golden Voice

Updated: July 18, 2006



Say what you will

about Boxing

and more about

Women Boxing

But Reality is that none but the Rich or the Privileged ( is there a difference ? ) worse if you’re Black don’t receive a menu of inviting choices for what to do with their lives. Especially if you want to be a Success. For most people having just one Talent they have a chance to develop is a Blessing.

Meet Franchon Crews

Newly Crowned

Golden Gloves Champ

who has Two

At 19 it isn’t possible to have a voluminous life story but in a few short years a girl now a young woman has made enough of a mark to merit the centerpiece story on the front page on Monday of the Sports Section in the very prestigious Washington Post must reading for all the DC power masters.

The immediate reason

For all the attention is that on Saturday Crews successfully defended her Golden Gloves Crown down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She now has a 21-2 record as one of America’s best female amateur Boxers. She has come close to winning a World Championship Title and in the balance she is the current 2 time middleweight national champion. And Golden Gloves Champ.

In November in India she gets another shot at the World Crown and many observers expect her to come home with it this time. Yet as much as this is a story about Boxing Prowess it is as much a story of Self Discovery and how no pursuit should be belittled as a path to Success. And Self Worth.

Three short years ago Franchon Crews was a troubled teenager recently relocated from Virginia as her mother sought a new life for herself and her daughter. Crews was miserably overweight, badly treated in high school and on a path to Oblivion when she discovered her talent for ….

Singing & Boxing

an Odd Match

Her attention getting voice which she practiced singing on street corners brought her to the attention of a benevolent hair stylist who took Crews under his wings and better yet those of his professional Black clients in the Baltimore area.

Crews became good enough to merit a high profile audition on an edition of American Idol where she almost made the Cut to be one of the Contestants but did get her attention getting audition aired on the Show.

And then there was Boxing

Which Crews took up only on a comment she had heard from a friend that fighting in the Ring was the fastest way to lose weight. Which she found very appealing. Showing up at the UMAR Youth Boxing Center in Baltimore where she did more than lose weight. She quickly convinced the staff and the other all male boxers she was the Real Deal. In the Ring.

Which led to her first amateur Fight then more and before long her national and Golden Gloves Championships. All by the time she was 19. Which she is today. A rock solid 5 ft.

7 in.

165 lb Middleweight Champion.

A Terror in the Ring

and a Voice like

an Angel Singing

A Perfect Combination

and a Bright Future

for Franchon Crews

so much for Convention

and Stereotypes

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