Finally A Contender Reality Show Finds Home

Updated: July 13, 2006



The fact ESPN is

featuring a Black fighter

in its show promotions

says Volumes

About the difference between the reality show Contender being offered on ESPN these days and the ill fated version of Contender on NBC a year or so ago. In a TV World in which “reality shows” that feature some idiot nanny yelling at kids and bathroom training them makes for “successful” reality…..

…… in a TV World in which we ( correction some bored mindless idiots ) watch the most pathetic examples of reality labeled as “reality television” and sold to advertisers who can only be called Dumber than the participants ….

in that World

In which we are forced to live but merciful God so far not forced to watch this painful nonsense made for Morons, under penalty of having yokels who work for Bush and Cheney come for us in the middle of the night and bundle us over to Guantanemo for “crimes” against the TV Gods

Into that World

Comes one reality TV show at least worth watching if you have Half A Brain because Contender has gotten rid of its phony white bias toward the world of Boxing and the NEW group of competitors actually reflect to an extent the REAL world of Boxing more or less.

In the earlier NBC version which was really all about giving Sylvester Stallone face time for his aging faded Mug you would have thought Boxing was like Lacrosse or NASCAR an almost all WHITE sport.

There were exactly TWO African Americans among the 16 original contestants in the first version and they were quickly dispatched to the Showers and off the Show leaving clearly White and very light skinned Latinos to battle for the Championship Bout and TV Ratings.

There was NO doubt what was on the minds ( assuming they had any ) of the producers. In their wacky world view they thought that by “sanitizing” Boxing, making it look like a WHITE sports lots of White viewers would be attracted, and not if lots of BLACK fighters were part of the Show.


All they ended up with was some Leave It to Beaver mockery of the real world of Boxing, dismal ratings and a Big Pink Slip from NBC. Who would prefer endlessly rerunning episodes of Brain Dead Donald Trump’s kindergarten version of the business world rather than more Contender.

In stepped ESPN

Who if nothing else has management with some inklings of Sports and whether it was a high level Corporate Decision or nothing more than an obvious awareness descending on what was left of the producers and crew somehow they figured it out IF we are going to do a REALITY show about Boxing we had better bring in some REALITY meaning more BLACK Boxers.

To give the Show LIFE

Excitement & Spirit

And Glory Hallelujah

in a moment of Miraculous


The Contender was REBORN

Let’s take a brief look at the version of Contender that begins airing next week on July 18th. For starters Rocky the Old Sylvester Stallone is GONE. Sugar Ray Leonard has the show to himself as the Mythical Leader of the Fight House after being held to momentary appearances on the first version of Contender even though he and Stallone were supposedly co-hosts. Too Black Sugar Ray.

Most of All

It is the stable of Boxers chosen to live together and battle each other to become the last Contender standing and so the Champ. This time around look at the Difference. Believe it or not 7 of the 16 Contestants actually qualify as African American, A show about Boxing in which 44% of the Boxers are Black. Wow.

Of course in the Real World

well over 50% of Boxers

are Black Boxers


44% on the ESPN version

is far far better than the

almost all non-Black

NBC Fantasy Contender

the New ESPN Version

jut might be worth


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