Encore: Lastings Milledge Rides The Big Elevator Up & Down

Updated: July 7, 2006



Right now


Young Lastings Milledge

is Unhappy Playing

in New Orleans

Having seen the Big Lights and tasted the Good Life playing Major League Baseball being sent back down to the Minors is NO Pleasure Trip. Our photo above demonstrates the fact well. That is Milledge being publicly told his brief initial stay with the Mets is over and he is headed Down South.

Where he came from left to manage his Record company

The Norfolk Tides

It is one of the traditions of Baseball of course. Repeated again and again. The Star of the Future brought up often unexpected to play with The Team for a few games or more, sometimes to stay and never return to the Farm. Most often in September toward the end of the season when All Hope is Gone for one MLB team or another. And the only thing left to salvage is some valuable Major League experience and a Reward for a few deserving young players.

For Lastings Milledge

it was a Bit Different

He got the call late May 2006

May 30th to be exact to fill a hole left when Cliff Floyd was forced on to the disabled list. Milledge’s Major League season ( so far anyway ) lasted exactly one month until June 30th when he was sent back to the Tides of Norfolk “fame” when Floyd came off the DL.

Milledge has very publicly been targeted the Mets SuperStar of the Future by the Organization. Along with Jose Reyes who is already a Big Star. While his trip up North in retrospect has the appearances of a planned brief stay in New York and while Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph left no fingerprints to the contrary …..

You have to Wonder if they had higher expectations for Milledge than his month in the Bigs proved to be. That especially Minaya had Visions of Young Milledge tearing up the National League and earning permanent status on the Mets.

It certainly did not turn out that way.

Milledge showed flashes of brilliance. Contributed to some Victories. But some Loses as well. More to the point are his one month stats. He played in 24 games with 86 official At Bats collecting 20 Hits including 3 Doubles, 2 Triples and 3 HomeRuns adding up to 12 RBIs and most of all a batting average of .233.

Not all that Bad

a Major Leaguer

in the Making but

far from Great

Certainly NOT proof that he is ready to be a Permanent Met nor worth having sitting on their Bench for emergency use rather than playing every day in Norfolk honing his Skills. He might have even raised some Doubts in the minds of Minaya and Randolph that maybe he will not prove as Good as they hoped.

Much more likely

to Lastings’ benefit

They will largely ignore any shortcomings they saw and attribute them to inexperience, a need for more seasoning, the fever pitch of playing in the Majors for the First Place Team and all the attention of playing in the Biggest Apple.

In Lastings’ mind

down in Norfolk

He probably spends every moment Dreaming of getting The Call again this season and Dream of Dreams playing a role in the New York Mets becoming World Champions in 2007 and joining them in that Magic Ticker Tape Ride up Lower Broadway in very late October.

Why not

it is within the Realm

of Possibilities and

if not this year

Soon and most of All

to return to the Minors

Nevermore !

Let’s hope his latest

brouhaha isn’t the final straw

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