Don’t Cry For Me Capetown Laila Ali Says She May Be Back

Updated: July 28, 2006



It was to be

her Dream Bout

instead it became

Her Nightmare in

South Africa

The world’s most famous female Boxer Laila Ali arrived in Cape Town, South Africa last week to great Fanfare for a scheduled Bout on August 5th against Local Hero Gwendolyn O’Neill. Ali was “guaranteed” over $500,000.

Or so it seemed

Instead she is back in the USA today after finding out her Big Bout was going to be a Big Bust. Because African promoter Sta-Trade it turns out was selling smoke and mirrors to The Great One’s daughter.

Ali currently is in possession of the International Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, Women’s International Boxing Association, and International Women’s Boxing Federation Super Middle Weight Championships.

And you though

there were too many

separate Titles in

Men’s Boxing

As for this supposed Thriller in South Africa, Ali defending her Crown, you have to wonder what kind of manager she has, as well as her own Smarts, when she travels half way across the planet, to a situation that OBVIOUSLY carried NO firm Guarantees. When less than a week after arriving in South Africa she is on a long flight back home because the Fight is a Scam.

Not that this Story is Over

and why we are Inking it

Laila may be winging it back to South Africa any day now for the Fight against the same opponent still in Cape Town with a new more credible Promoter footing the Bill and really Guaranteeing Ali her biggest pay day EVER.

Too Bad

Muhammad Ali is and has long been only a Shadow of his Former Self. Were he more in control of his Facilities it is doubtful Daughter Laila would be victimized by anyone let alone some South Africans.

Yes you might have thought Dad’s legendary reputation would have been enough no matter his Condition for anyone to ensnare his daughter in some phony fight deal. Apparently not.

At the same time

It is the fact that Ali comes from storied lineage that may saved the day. It appears the reason why well known South African promoter Rodney Berman and his company Golden Gloves have jumped into the ring to rescue the Bout.

If on the other hand

you are a Boxing Cynic

out of the street wise

Don King ‘School’ of

Boxing Promotion

You may even conclude this entire affair might have been fabricated by all involved to either enhance interest in the eventual Ali – O’Neill Bout or that this controversy was manufactured to rescue flagging interest in the original Bout.

In fact

the one missing element

in this Boxing Saga

is Don King

or is he ?

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