Crisis In Sports Journalism

Updated: July 16, 2006



Above is Pictured

NY Times Executive Editor

Bill Keller

( the man who runs The Times )

He is Nothing but a very convenient and powerful example of a practitioner of a certain type of Reality characterized by never ending Hypocrisy and continuing a Crisis in Sports Journalism which has been well Codified.

The Times is as good a Whipping Boy

as any because they ever

so Richly (sic) Deserve

the Attention.

And we need a “leading” media source as an example to prove the Vicious Nature of this Reality that The Time is a key player. While The Times is fading fast in the electronic age complimented by being outed for their disingenuous stock regime which leaves the control of The New York Times Company in the hands of the Sulzbergers no matter how much equity anyone else owns. .

The Times is ultimately no different than every other recognized media source in America that covers Sports. With a few fairly minor exceptions. We waited to comment on the Associated Press study conducted by the Institute for Diversity & Ethics in Sports at the University of Central Florida, a unique institution in America which released The Racial & Gender Report Card ……

June 22, 2006

3 weeks ago


It was worth waiting to see if The Times and other “leading” sports media reacted to the report with any statements about Change whatsoever. It appears none have certainly The New York Times did not. For those who haven’t read the Report findings at BASN or elsewhere it highlights the fact that of 305 Sports Editors at the publications in the USA they surveyed FIVE are African American

5 of 305

or 1% and

6/10 ths of another %

( there are also a very few Latino editors )

The figures were similar for sports reporters and columnists

Back to The NY Times

This study would have been “perfect” material for one of the many bombastic Times Editorials E XCEPT not surprising The Times demurs from editorializing subjects it is guilty of being in the Wrong. Unless they have no Choice.

And why would they

as the self proclaimed

” most important paper in America ”

they are the most Vulnerable

to this Report

Of course The Times has NO African American Sports Editors in its large sports department and precious few columnists or reporters. Bill Rhoden is the ONLY African American sports Columnist at The NY Times. Correct us if we are wrong – since it is impossible to collect such information at The Times Website, Rhoden is the ONLY African American sports columnist EVER at The Times.

But it goes far Deeper

while The Times now

hides from View

the Identities of

editors & staff

The New York Times Company does still publish ( probably not for long ) the identity of the Senior Corporate Officers. There are 33 of them pictured at

ONE of them is African American And he Solomon B. Watson IV, Chief Legal Officer, who has absolutely NO role in the management of the paper or the make up of the various news departments. Excuse us they list a 34th individual the only “assistant” listed.

WHY. Because she is African American and so it appears there are all of TWO senior African Americans. Total BS.

That’s enough Times

why waste our time

The Report in effect condemns the entire sports media for its nothing less than extreme white and male bias. In the hierarchy of such findings all the results worth condemning, the lack of African Americans is the worst abuse because so many African Americans are the athletes they depend on to cover.

Here from the Report itself ….

“Richard Lapchick emphasized that, �It is important to have voices from different backgrounds in the media. When 94.7 percent of the sports editors, 86.7 percent of the assistant sports editors, 89.9 percent of our columnists, 87.4 percent of our reporters and 89.7 percent of our copy editors/designers are white, and those same positions are 95, 87, 93, 90 and 87 percent male, we clearly do not have a group that reflects America’s workforce. And in the world of sports, they are covering a disproportionate number of athletes in basketball, football and baseball who are African-American or Latino. On the high school and college levels, more than 40 percent of the student-athletes are girls and women. ”

But even worse than the Results

the complete lack of

response to it from

newspapers or elected officials

Worst of All

NO Initiatives announced

to bring Change

Weep for American Sports

and Sports Journalism

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