Coco Crisp Wow What A Catch

Updated: July 1, 2006



It might be

The Greatest Catch Ever


there is no way

to Know

It has to be Subjective. But Coco Crisp’s catch in the 8th inning Thursday at Fenway Park in BeanTown to preserve Boston’s 12th consecutive Victory beating the Amazing New York Mets for the 3rd straight game was …

A Great Catch

by any Standard

it left the Crowd

and Players All

in Awe

So good it is reminiscent of what has been acclaimed ” The Greatest Catch of All Time ” Willie Mays’ grab at the Polo Grounds in the 1954 World Series against the Cleveland Indians. Which bears definite similarities to Coco Crisp’s

Both playing the same position Center Field Each turning their back on the Ball at the crack of the Bat and racing toward the “fence” before leaping back to the Diamond and snaring the Cowhide. Both plays pivotal in their team’s Win.

On the other Hand

Especially here deep in the age of the Internet you can find many Arm Chair or is it now Keyboard Critics of Mays’ Catch as the Greatest Ever. Some impassioned detractors even maintain it was a Routine Catch that looked far more difficult than it was and Colored by its World Series connection.

It is all Subjective

The real Question will be is Coco Crisp’s Catch notable enough to enter the Mythology. If this had been a World Series game absolutely. In fact under those circumstances we would be seeing Front Page comparisons of the Two Grabs, and Crisp would be Guaranteed a good ‘old age pension’ autographing photos of The Catch again and again and again a thousand times more.

He still might

Now who is Coco Crisp ?

First and Foremost

an African American

Major Leaguer

( with a great name )

Crisp is playing for the Boston Red Sox this season for the first time. So far Coco Crisp has appeared in 34 games, with 147 at bats, batting .293 with 43 hits, 3 HomeRuns and 13 RBIs. Coco comes to Boston after playing his entire previous 4 MLB seasons with the Cleveland Indians beginning in 2002. During the 2004 and 2005 seasons he was a basically a full time starting Outfielder.

Born in 1979 in Los Angeles. California, this 26 year old Switch Hitter who throws Right Handed has career stats of 440 games played, 1773 official At Bats, .288 career Batting Average, 510 Hits, 38 HRs and 189 RBIs and worth noting 60 Stolen Bases. He has some speed also noted by his Fabulous Catch.

Coco Crisp is what we need to see more of again from the African American community someone in short who has establishes himself as a solid Major League talent maybe unlikely to reach Stardom but quite good enough to stay in the Sport and look forward to a 10-15 year MLB career.

Likely to display

moments of Baseball Brilliance

as Coco Crisp certainly did

on Thursday afternoon in

Fenway Park with

His Catch of a Lifetime

Congratulations Coco

( make the most of it )

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