Bill Rhoden Resurrects Rube Foster For New Century

Updated: July 30, 2006



Long Dead now

Rube Foster

could not have

A Better Advocate

in the 21st century

than William Rhoden

Rhoden’s new book ” Forty Million Dollar Slaves ” just published which we anticipated as one of the defining literary works about the African American experiences using Sports as both Reality & Metaphor does not Disappoint.

The book may never be

as widely read as

it deserves

It has only been lightly reviewed so far. Being classified as a “sports book” will limit its appeal. The title may repel some. Most Whites will not be attracted to the subject matter and many African Americans will disdain reading about ” what they think they already know.”

Too Bad and

we hope we are Wrong

it deserves to be a Best Seller

we’ll do Our Part

By delving into Rhoden’s book again and again. Already proud of the fact that the Box and BASN was the very first to make note of the coming book a few months ago. Now it’s clear a single review in the Box just won’t do.

Bill Rhoden has written

a book of

Historic Significance

In using his considerable writing skills to weave together the entire panorama of individuals, issues large and small, chronological contexts, under currents, and all the sports while integrating these interacting layers of Reality ever so unobtrusively through the lens of his own Experiences.

And he does not

lack the Courage to

deliver a Devastating Critique

of the resilience of White Racism

in American Sports

aided and abetted by Some

in the African American community

Which brings us to

some Black athletes

The 40 Million Dollar Slaves

of Rhoden’s Title

which brings us to

Rube Foster

( finally )

It is probably not inaccurate to call the Founder of the first ( and real ) Negro League one of Rhoden’s heroes of his book, if not in fact the single most heroic figure in the entire book. The embodiment of the message which weaves its way through every page of this work.

African American Rube Foster way back at the beginning of the 20th century may well have better understood American society than any other African, certainly any African in America in Sports.

The point of this Box

Is certainly not to summarize all that Rhoden has to say about Foster who he basically devotes a chapter to, and then continues to reference him – not to give anyone one less reason to go out and but this amazing book.

To truly know Rube Foster

read the Book

All we intend to do using whatever rhetorical skills that are available to us, is to convince you that you do not really know or understand the importance of Rube Foster in the history of the African American experience, indeed in the history of America ( and of course worse many of you are reading his name for the very first time here ) unless and until you read Bill Rhoden’s book.

Rube Foster embodied

In one being, in one athlete, in one businessman, in one leader, the Potential the African American community has NEVER realized in Sports or beyond Sports. And in his portrait of this Flawed Tragic Genius whose name and memory rest in the Baseball Hall of Fame now and forever …….

Rhoden defines the Vacuum

that exist in American Sports

Today and will Tomorrow

There are NO Rube Fosters today. Not close. Certainly not Robert Johnson as Rhoden makes abundantly clear in his book. Or even less so “businessman” Michael Jordan. Without any Rube Fosters to portray today serves to emphasize that much more Rube Foster’s significance. Today and Tomorrow.

Bill Rhoden keeping him Alive

in the 21st century

( to the extent he succeeds )

is a Constant Reminder

that in Pivotal Ways

Life & Sports

were Better

for African Americans

when Rube Foster formed

The Negro League

Read the Book !

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….