Big Baby Slims Down Good Message For All Athletes

Updated: July 24, 2006



Losing 45 pounds

is a Big Deal

Try it

Glen “Big Baby” Davis now better known as “Little Baby” LSU star basketball player did it with no more than a combination of Will Power and Dieting. No gastric by-pass operation for Davis who went from a hefty 310 lbs. to an almost lean 265 lbs. in all of 3 months.

According to Davis

( can we believe him )

It was simple. All he did was avoid pizza. And ate lots of salads. Maybe he will be asked to replace Christie Alley that old actress from “Cheers” fame on the Jennie Craig weight loss ads. If not Davis is still a good message for all those especially Black overweight athletes out there. More so in football than basketball.

Still there are plenty of basketball players who would probably do themselves and their teams a Big Favor slimming down and being lighter on the Court. It would probably be the same in baseball except there are so few African Americans the ones that are left are already lean from fear of disappearing.

Who knows

Might Shaquille O’Neal even get the Diet Message. All 325 lbs. of him. Probably not after winning the NBA Championship carrying around all that Bulk. But at 34 there is little doubt he could extent his career further and improve his performance in his “declining” years by throwing off 45 lbs. himself.

Imagine Shaq at 280 lbs.

Would he even be recognizable. If he were as Smart as he is rich and famous O’Neal would jump at the chance to lose 45 lbs.. Forget the basketball if you like and talk about his health and life expectancy. You don’t need to be a board certified nutritionist to know the healthfulness and life expectancy of anyone 280 lbs. rather than 325 lbs. is significantly better.

In fact

All sports should consider the long advocated Box proposal for the NFL that NO player should be allowed to compete who scales in at 300 lbs. at more. Make it all Sports. And the biggest beneficiaries will be African Americans not only the players but their fans who will find it difficult if not impossible to ignore that their “heroes” are slimming down while they look in the Mirror at their Fat Selves.

Will any Sport

set a Weight Limit

of course not

Although we must admit the NFL allowing teams to fine players they deem over weight hundreds of dollars a day is a start except it is very selectively enforced. If you are a wide receiver your NFL team might penalize you for weight but never ever if you are one of the vast majority of overweight players the offensive ands defensive linemen. In fact if you aren’t FAT meaning over 300 lbs. today you have almost NO chance of being drafted in the NFL as a Lineman.

And what do those FAT NFL players get in return. The shortest careers averaging just 3 seasons and the lowest pay of any of the NFL players. Their long term “benefits” include medical problems and early Death.

So let’s hear it for

formerly Big Baby

now Little Baby

Glen Davis who has

forsaken Pizza for Salad

and will live longer

to tell about it !

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