Beware The Tiger Trap It Is Seductive

Updated: July 26, 2006



No athlete since

Michael Jordan

in his Hay Days

receives more Adulation

from the Media than does

Tiger Woods

Basically everywhere except in the Box

Which has remained steadfast in pointing out holes in this “emperor’s” clothes. Yes Tiger Woods is an outstanding athlete yes a great golfer. It is when we make unjustified leaps from sports talents to issues far beyond that the Trouble begins.

It’s the same in every

human endeavor

But highlighted far more in our modern religion called Sports. Here we find the Heroes our human nature craves that are so difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. Super Humans who we can enlist to fulfill our needs to identify with something Greater than ourselves. God like figures who give meaning to Life.

Enter Tiger Woods

Again & Again

So be touched if you like by Tiger’s very public display of Grief for his father’s death three months ago, seen by the entire world on the 18th green at the British Open Sunday. If it works for you Good. You may just as well have been watching a highly orchestrated and carefully prepared scene insured to have the media and the public even more touched by Tiger’s Humanity.

Making him even more popular and marketable. Certainly no one will deny orchestrated or not that the very public death of Earl Woods and Tiger’s very well covered “anguish” as a result adds to Tiger’s appeal.

But guess what

This Box isn’t really about Tiger. Tiger is just a highly visible example of public figures, the role they play in our lives, and how much we are open to being manipulated by what we see of them, when the Reality may be far different.

We are awash, more so than before living in a world of “rich” media, in a society and a world in which fact and fiction are difficult if not impossible to separate. And rich media age or not we always live in a world where the rich and powerful practically of necessity to protect their privileged Status are humanized far beyond what their lifestyles should command.

Leading politicians, actors, and athletes, include senior business figures are in a position to and constantly market the image of themselves which will provide them the most favorable response. That is a Constant everywhere. Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet supposedly “giving away” (sic) their vast fortunes covered everywhere in the Media is another recent example.

The Problem for the rest of us

Is that these “leaders” have an inordinate amount of power in defining society for all of us, so that IF they can present themselves as what we would like them to be rather than the more critical response we might have if we were able to actually see these figures as they truly are, we are at their Mercy

Returning to Tiger Woods

He is so well “packaged” the fact that he is worth hundreds of millions, travels in his opulent private jet, vacations on his super yacht, lives in an elegant mansion, has staff catering to his every whim, is surrounded by security, and only comes in contact with “real” people when it is scripted for him ……

should not be the basis for Idolatry

because he plays Golf very well

This is the same Tiger Woods who distances himself from his African American heritage, who has never even once had a Black caddy or tour and never will, who has never even once ever criticized the lack of African Americans in golf, or any other shortcomings of American society for Black Americans.

The point is

it is one thing to Congratulate

Tiger Woods on his golf game

quite another to empathize

with him or

to Idolize him

because he chooses to

Weeps in front of Millions

what does the Bible say about

Worshipping False Gods

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