Ben Wallace’s New Look

Updated: July 6, 2006



While the Talk

has been whether or not

Allen Iverson

was staying or leaving


Ben Wallace

stole the Show

telling Detroit

see ‘ya

Wallace is a Free Agent so the Choice was his to make and all indications are he has. Leaving the Pistons behind for the Bulls. In the world of Basketball its about as big as if Iverson left Philly. Maybe Bigger because Detroit will get nothing in return for Wallace’s Loss. For Chicago they go from Wannabes to Contenders and all it is costing them is the easy stuff. Cash. They’ve got plenty.

For Wallace the switch means $60 Million for 4 years. Or $15 million per year. Or if you prefer a little less than $200,000 per regular season game. Or about $4000 a minute of game time. $4000 a minute for Ben Wallace playing NBA Basketball for the next 4 seasons. How much do you make per minute ?

Apparently the Detroit Pistons lost out because they are Cheap. Relatively. Detroit offered Wallace ONLY $50 Million for 4 years. Or only about $3600 a minute of Basketball. $400 less per minute. After a while it adds up !

Before you conclude

either figure is

a lot of Money

it’s only between

$60 – $70 per Second

of Game Time

Beyond the Dough the expected move by Wallace to Chicago leaves a Big Hole in the Pistons’ Defense which made them the toughest team in the League to score against and left Detroit with the best regular season record in the NBA last season 64-18. Wallace who was the NBA Defensive Player of the Year gets as very big share of the Credit. His Loss will cause Detroit Grief.

Now the Chicago Bulls who finished the season 41-41 and did not go to the Playoffs have defensive prowess to go with their offensive skills. Looking at last season’s stats tells that Story. Detroit average 96.8 points a game while allowing a meager 90.2 points a game. Chicago averaged more points a game 97.8 but came up short defensively allowing their opponents 97.2 points a game.

By NBA standards a staggering 7 points more a game than did Detroit. Or why the Pistons won 23 more games than the Bulls in the same Division. All things being equal Center Ben Wallace moving from Detroit to Chicago all by himself should account for halving that difference or more giving the Bulls another 12 Victories or more and maybe just as well bringing the Pistons another 12 or more Losses.

This Quick Analysis without Boring you with a hypothetical useless player by player analysis of both teams for 2006-2007 based on the shift of Wallace from one to the Other does just as well in providing the basis why the Chicago Bull should be a Contender next year and why the Detroit Pistons may Fall from Grace. Certainly be at risk for First Place again. And the Best Record in the NBA.

Now we can all go back

to wondering about

Allen Iverson

where he will End Up

what impact that will have

on the 76ers next season and

Iverson’s new Team

IF he’s Traded

Yes Sports more Important

to our Lives than even IF

North Korea has Nukes or

what happens in Iraq !

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