Barry Bonds Is The Wolf At The Door

Updated: July 12, 2006


Time may have

Run Out

for Barry

His absence from this year’s All Star Game Tuesday night might be the least of his concerns. As first reported here months ago Barry’s biggest problem may not be Steroids but far less mysterious Tax Evasion.

There is increasing evidence a San Francisco Grand Jury is close to indicting Bonds possibly next week. There is no doubt a Grand Jury currently sitting is considering charges against Bonds. Graphic proof came last week when his long time trainer Greg Anderson – who Bonds though had taken a small bullet for him by pleading guilty – was jailed for refusing to testify before the Grand Jury.

Far worse for Bonds

is the woman scorned

ex girl friend

Kimberly Bell

Who had no reason to go to jail on Bonds’ behalf doing what Anderson did. Apparently she did what the law required and testified possibly on numerous occasions before one or more Grand Juries. Bell is Double Trouble for Bonds. It appears he openly told her about his Steroid use plus she had access to very “personal” evidence of the effects of the Steroids.

But just tagging Bonds

with lying about Steroids

Might not have been enough for the District Attorney to chance indicting Bonds and being accused of targeting him by Bonds’ supporters. Rather it is good old Greed that will probably prove Barry’s undoing. And Kimberly Bell.

All the cash Bonds reportedly gave Kimberly Bell from unreported memorabilia sales Bonds telling her to secretly deposit in her bank in small enough amounts not to draw attention. A very rich guy Black or White trying to get even richer by cheating on Uncle Sam while the rest of us Struggle is not the image of the Martyr Bonds would like to portray if all he had to worry about is Steroids.

If Bonds is Indicted

and it’s still IF

The real Problem begins for Bud Selig and the Real Boys of Summer the 30 Owners. What if Bonds is Indicted but decides to keep playing which is a REAL possibility. Will Commissioner Selig bar Bonds from playing “for the good of the game” while Charges are pending or will he leave the decision up to Bonds.

Here in the Box

we predict

an “easy” call

If Bonds does not voluntarily decide to stop playing if Indicted Selig will force him to stop. There is NO precedent for a Major League player under indictment for serious federal offenses felony charges that carry serious jail time if convicted – for such a player to continue playing. The fact that there may even be a debate about it in some quarters in the media is nonsense.

Again Bonds will not be Indicted

for using Steroids

The Problem(s) for him he is likely to be charged with 1) perjury lying before a Grand Jury, and 2) tax evasion. Both felony charges. Bonds might dream of going before a Federal Jury and trying to convince them he didn’t really lie because he NEVER knew he was using Steroids. Very very unlikely Bonds will convince a Jury. He could try. But on top of that tax EVASION which it appears will be an open and shut case. Identify the funds hidden easily done. Look at his tax records and those funds NOT being reported. Plus the Witnesses.

Tax Evasion

pure & simple

IF Bonds is Indicted

expect him to Stop

Playing immediately

and Plea Bargain

with the DA

trying to Stay

out of Jail

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