All Star Dreaming More Like African American Nightmare

Updated: July 11, 2006



Let’s Begin

with the most compelling fact

about the 2006 All Star Game

there are NO African Americans

Starting the All Star Game

we could end this Box

now and have said

it All

Except for a late breaking development Manny Ramirez of Red Sox fame who was chosen as an All Star Game starter has pulled out because of supposed injury has been replaced in the American League starting lineup by Toronto Blue Jays Outfielder Vernon Wells, bonefide African American Slugger.

OK OK there is Derek Jeter half African American but who looking at Derek Jeter in his NY Yankee uniform says AFRICAN American to themselves. But if you want to include Jeter that is fine with us except it changes nothing. Might as well call Alex Rodriguez “African” American.

In fact there are

8 Latino Starters

won the Vote

And good for them. Every Latino should be proud that they make up the single largest group of Starters in this All Star game. But no denying that also identifies in its own way the African American problem in Baseball. There are more Italian Americans starting than African Americans. Two.

It gets worse

Of 53 reserve players who earned their way to the All Star Game in Pittsburgh one way or another ONLY 3 are African American. Jemaine Dye, White Sox Outfielder, Tom Gordon. Pitcher and Ryan Howard, First Baseman, both with the Philadelphia Phillies. That’s it

All told

out of 71 players

at the All Star Game

4 1/2 African Americans

or if you prefer 6%

With compliments to all 71 good enough to make it our job is not to be Color Blind like the rest of the Media. That has played a role in the Disappearance of Black players from the Majors. The media ignores the Problem which provides Bud Selig and the 30 owners the cover they need to ignore the Fact. Try finding other stories like this about the 2006 All Star Game !

The best news of all we can find is Ryan Howard who is only one Homer behind fellow First Baseman Albert Pujols for the National League Home Run lead with 28. In fact Howard is the Brightest Young African American Star in the Majors today. Along with Vernon Wells at 27.

A year ago at this time Howard had jut been called up by Philadelphia and if Albert Pujols wasn’t in his “way” he’d be the starting First Baseman in the All Star Game. Not bad. Unfortunately for Howard, Pujols is 26 as is Howard. Which means Howard will likely have to battle Pujols year after year for the Starting First Baseman position at All Star Games. His entire career.

One African American notable for his absence this year is Super Pitcher Dontrelle Willis who started this season poorly and even bringing his record from 1-6 to his current 6-7 is no where good enough to make this year’s All Star roster. But you can safely bet he will back be there next year.

So that’s the Story

enjoy the show of Talent

in Pittsburgh Tuesday

but keep your Eye

on the larger Story

we tell in the Box

( as usual )

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