Who’s Bigger Than Shaq Avery Johnson

Updated: June 8, 2006



It’s Shaq this and

Shaq that as

the NBA Finals

get underway


When it’s a guy on the Sidelines who may be the Biggest Story of these NBA Finals. While for most practical purposes nobody is really noticing jut how grand an achievement Avery Johnson has wrought.

In the entire history of the NBA no Coach in his first full season has ever won the NBA Title. Johnson who was still playing NBA ball until late last season. Who stopped playing to take over the Mavs toward the end of last season. In impressive fashion. This season in his First Full named NBA Coach of the Year.

Young Avery Johnson’s Quest to bring the Dallas Mavericks their first NBA Championship ever, rather than Shaq seeking Redemption in Miami is The Story of These NBA Finals. Having Pat Riley across the Court only serves to make this Contest that much better to watch. Two teams seeking their First Ever NBA Title.

But it is the 41 year old Johnson who is the Future and the most intriguing Coach in the NBA today, And a Dallas Championship will clearly Crown him as The Man to watch for years to come. As for the series against the Heat Johnson may have a subtle or not so subtle advantage not fully appreciated.

In his own career Avery Johnson played in 90 that’s right 90 NBA Playoff games, that on top of 1000 NBA games in all. Also literally having been a player himself just over a year ago and not much older than his Players, on both counts his powerful identity and rapport with these players could be the imperceptible difference giving the Mavs an Edge. One Riley cannot duplicate.

Many characterize Johnson

Dallas’ true MVP

Most Valuable Person

As well it must be noted Johnson’s success is more than vindication for Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban and his oft criticized style and flamboyance. It is very likely true NO other owner in the NBA would have ever taken a player straight from the Hardwood and at only 39 to become Coach of an NBA team.

Mark Cuban went further

He built some impressive bonus incentives into Johnson’s contract. Beyond the $2.5 Million guaranteed salary for this season and the next two, there are a variety of bonuses built in for Success. Most interesting of all IF by the 4th year of his Contract Dallas made it to the NBA Finals….

….. Avery would be guaranteed $5 Million in salary. Well he’s met that Goal his First Year. The only question now is will he have to wait until his 4th season to collect or might Mark Cuban pay his $5Million next season.

Johnson can certainly increase

his Odds for $5 Million

next season

winning it All

this Season

Mavs in 6 !

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