Whoopee 9 Black Athletetes On Forbes List of 100 Celebs

Updated: June 27, 2006



We decided to Amuse

our Audience

with the most Trivial Box

of all Time

A story about one well known publication’s desperate stretch to try anything to sell its magazines. Their very subjective list of the world’s 100 “most important” Celebrities. Trivial for starters for the very concept. What exactly does Celebrity indicate. If you look at the entire list you come to one obvious Conclusion.

Celebrity means

Almost Nothing

Celebrity as exemplified by this list of 100 proves more than anything what a sorry state we are in as a Society when “celebrity” equates with little more than name recognition and how good certain individuals are at keeping themselves in view whatever it takes. Fashion models are Big on the List. Perfect examples of individuals who are going to have a “profound” impact on Society.

Actors of course

Guess who Forbes names

the World’s Greatest Celebrity

Tom Cruise

There is one athlete in the Top 10. You already know. Who other than Tiger Woods. All the way down at # 5. After Cruise, the Rolling Stones, Oprah and U2. Imagine what a Disaster our world would be if these 5 never existed. Rounding out the Top 10. Steven Spielberg, Howard Stern, 50 Cent, yes the Cast of the Sopranos and Dan Brown. Author of The DaVinci Code.

But the only reason this List

matters to the Box

are the Black athletes

Besides Woods # 5, Muhammad Ali # 13, Kobe Bryant # 25, Michael Jordan # 26, Shaquille O’Neal # 41, LeBron James # 46, Derek Jeter # 58, Serena Williams # 87, and Venus Williams # 90.

One Golfer, one former Boxer, 3 current and one former Basketball players, one Baseball player and 2 fast fading female Tennis players. That is it. Forbes view of the most important Black athletes as Celebrities.. No Football players.

For those who care and/or those who expect to see an “accurate” reflection of life as we know it on such Lists, African American athletes represent the largest number of African Americans on the List.

Beyond Black athletes ….

Also appearing in addition to Oprah # 3, and 50 Cent # 8 are Denzel Washington # 33, Will Smith # 49, Halle Berry # 65, Diddy Combs # 79, Dave Chappelle # 82, Tyra Banks # 84 and that is All.

3 Actors, 1 Rapper, 1 Comedian, 1 Model, 1 Combo ( Sean Combs ) , and 1 Queen, Oprah Winfrey. For a Total of 9 African American athletes, and 8 Non-Athletes.

In addition to # 1 Tom Cruise, and the other Top 10 noted above, these African Americans athletes and non-athletes are joined by such White Celebrities on the 100 Greatest by a group that includes s Donald Trump # 12, Jay Leno # 23, Cast of Desperate Housewives # 34, Nicole Kidman # 38, Neil Diamond # 41, Paris Hilton yes Paris Hilton # 56, Cameron Diaz # 70, Reese Witherspoon # 75, Regis Philbin # 86, Wolfgang Puck # 89, and Emeril Lagasse # 94.

No not the Complete List

but a good enough Sampling

to prove the kind of Company

9 African American Athletes

have been Placed.

All 100 combined are the individuals on Planet Earth among over 6 Billion humans, Forbes Magazine, the authoritative voice of business, tells us are the most admired Individuals all over the World. Or is it just America ?

What can we possibly

Add to That except that

we have now published

the Most Trivial Box

of All Time.

Thank God we don’t

have to do that Again.

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