Vijay’s Back

Updated: June 12, 2006



His timing could not

have been Better

for ending his Funk

the week before

Winged Foot’s

U.S. Open

still the world’s

top BLACK golfer

( as opposed to “multi-racial” Tiger Woods )

A PGA win has been a long time coming for Vijay Singh. 10 long months since his last victory until this past Sunday wining the Barclay Classic at the Westchester Country Club, for a record third time.

Indeed this Box favorite gave us nothing worth writing about those 10 months since he also gives us no reason to slam his when he’s Down. But it was coming close to a point his golf “obituary” may have been in order. Appearing he might never Win again on the Tour. Thank God that was wrong.

Vijay’s Back and

Golf is the Better

for Him

Before his 2 shot victory Sunday ALL the talk in the lead up to this week’s PGA Major the U.S. Open has been Tiger and Phil. Phil and Tiger. The Media’s Dynamic Duo of Golf Phil Michelson and Tiger Woods. “They” had certainly written off Vijay but that “they” have ever given him the respect he deserves.

It has been the mark of practically every PGA event broadcast in recent years no matter how good Singh was playing, or whether he was leading or challenging for the lead, you would have though there is some rule against giving him camera time while Tiger gets maximum exposure if he’s doing nothing more than picking his nose and far out of Contention.

But not just Tiger

If a study were done of the amount of air time Vijay Singh and the other top 9 players in any tournament have gotten there is no doubt at all Vijay Singh’s amount of tv screen time would put him in last place in that category.

Anyone want to hazard a guess why ?

Better yet watch the U.S, Open if Michelson, Woods and Singh are vying for Top Honors and the Big Trophy come Saturday and Sunday you won’t need a stop watch to see who gets the most and who the least face time.

As for Tiger …..

It is terrible losing a parent. A popular father as Woods did this spring. But is that a truly private matter in Tiger’s World. Of course not. Tiger and his Spinners ever since have been plotting his “return” ready with their comments that the story of the U.S. Open is can a suffering Tiger Woods meet the challenge of a Major after his Loss. That if he does Tiger is more Heroic than ever. Or should he lose the U.S. Open well there is only one reason his father’s death. And his distraction. And Tiger will be more Heroic than ever for losing the U.S. Open.

As opposed to ……

Keeping a personal matters personal.

Anyway as the World Turns

Golf will return to Center Stage this weekend at Winged Foot in what may or may not prove a 3 way contest for this Crown. Chances are two of these three Singh, Michelson and Woods will be in the thick of things. Surely one of the 3 without a doubt. Maybe. Or someone else ?

What matters most

Vijay is Back

the only Black Golfer

on the Tour and

that’s Good

Play Golf


As to some confusion. Ours. And Asafa Powell reclaiming his form once again running the 100 meter in the world record time again a few days ago which he shares with Justin Gatlin. 9.77 seconds. In a recent Box we expressed some confusion in recommending that world record times were kept to the 1/10th of a second when in fact official times are recorded to the 1/100th second.

So the confusion that temporarily had Justin Gatlin claiming the record was in running the 100 meter in 9.766 seconds. 4/1000th of a second faster than Powell, then having it officially re-listed as 9.77 seconds because track officials do not recognize times to the 1000th of a second as official.

But best of all this is another opportunity to put all this in perspective as ridiculous and emphasize the obvious Absurdity of records in terms of either 100ths or 1000ths of a second. It has no reality. Put a stop watch function right up on your computer right now and test for yourself that your eye nor your mind is incapable of discerning 100th of a second let alone 1000th of a second.

What does it mean for a timing mechanism to record one runner as running one hundredth of a second “faster” than another. Absolutely nothing. In any logical system no records would be kept as official at anything less than 1/10th second.

And by the way the only reason records are not kept to the 1000th of a second today is that there is some question as to the accuracy of the electronic clocks used. Which means as their accuracy to the 1000th of a second is deemed reliable we will indeed have runners claiming “world records” for running supposedly one thousandth of a second “faster” than the previous record holder.

We rest our case.


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