Too Many NFL Players Have Big Hearts

Updated: June 2, 2006



Surprise !

all those 300 pound plus

grossly overweight

NFL Linemen are

at Risk !

Of course it is no surprise. But once again it has ben Confirmed by precise large scale medical studies. This time as the Heart to all the other health problems so many of those on the Anonymous Line suffer for the rest of their lives.

Add the Health Problems

to the Sad Fact

Linemen have the shortest

NFL careers under

4 seasons on average

They are expendable. Linemen play an essential role on the Gridiron too often much as a bouncer is “necessary” at a topless bar. Some of these players are superb talented athletes but there main job is to stand there and get pounded. And it shows.

Researchers at the Living Heart Foundation founded by a former NFL Quarterback Archie Roberts and along with Mount Sinai Medical Center examined more than 300 former NFL players. The Linemen were 50% more likely than other NFL players to have enlarged hearts. A precursor of heart disease.

Another group separately the American Society of Echocardiography in Baltimore tested more than 700 retired NFL players with the same results. In both studies the Linemen were found to have what is called “metabolic syndrome.” Which means Risk Factors including obesity, high blood pressure, low levels of good cholesterol and insulin resistance. Associated with Enlarged Hearts.

NO not because they played

Football in the NFL



and in poor physical shape.

And so would you if you weighed 330 lbs.

Now get this

the NFL Payers Association’s response

according to lead researcher Dr. Goldman ….

“They’re very interested in finding out how to get their players on the right track toward good health after they retire as well as while they’re playing,”

Well Mr. Upshaw the RIGHT track would begin by preventing the NFL from drafting or signing players 300 lbs. or more. That is a Start. We aren’t Naive but neither will we resist stating what should be true that the NFL has some responsibility as an inherent covenant between itself, players and the public, that the NFL will NOT promote obesity and unhealthy life styles. But it certainly does.

Teams are not only allowed but for all practical purposes encouraged to sign the FATTEST players they can find. Although never officially acknowledged there is lots of anecdotal basis for believing general managers and coaches specifically tell their staff draft the heaviest linemen that are available in the Draft.

One coach it has been claimed specifically gave instructions he did not want anyone under 320 lbs. on “his” Line. This year once again at the Draft well over 90% of the offensive and defensive linemen signed were OVER 300 lbs. and well over 50% of them African American. Believable even if apocryphal.

Round and Round

and Round

we go and

where the FAT players


Sick or Dead

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