The Third Annual BASN Great American Football Trivia Quiz

By Tony McClean
Updated: June 20, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — Lets see, the NBA Finals are coming to a close, Lord Stanley’s Cup is sitting in downtown Raleigh, Phil Mickelson has blown another major, the World Cup action is heating up, and baseball is dead smack in the middle of inter league play.

It can only mean one thing — football is just around the corner!! While we sit just over a month away from the opening NFL training camps, BASN gets you ready for the 2006 season with our third annual football trivia quiz.
We’ll hit all aspects of football including the NFL, Black Colleges and everything in between. Our questions will keep you guessing while also hoping to jar a few gridiron memories as well.
Okay, lets get it started!!
1. What player led the Cardinals in rushing in 1987, their last season in St. Louis?

A. O.J. Anderson B. Earl Ferrell C. Vai Sikahema D. Stump Mitchell

2. Two players in Buffalo Bills history have caught four touchdown passes in a game. Jerry Butler is one. Who is the other?

A. Andre Reed B. Don Beebe C. Thurman Thomas D. Eric Moulds

3. Six players have scored four touchdowns in a “Monday Night Football” game. Who was the first?

A. Earl Campbell B. Ron Johnson C. O.J. Simpson D. Randy Moss

4. Who is the only HBCU player to be the first overall pick in the NFL Draft?

A. Buck Buchanan B. Deacon Jones C. Ed “Too Tall” Jones D. Walter Payton

5. Who is the all-time leader in career receptions in Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans franchise history?

A. Frank Wycheck B. Haywood Jeffires C. Ernest Givens D. Drew Hill

6. Who holds the New York Giants’ record for the most touchdown catches in a single season?

A. Homer Jones B. Frank Gifford C. Amani Toomer D. Earnest Gray

7. What player holds the Baltimore Ravens’ record for the most consecutive games with an interception?

A. Ed Reed B. Eric Turner C. Ray Lewis D. Rod Woodson

8. Which one of these former HBCU standouts does not have their number retired by his professional team?

A. Mel Blount B. Jackie Slater C. Deacon Jones D. Willie Lanier

9. Who is the only running back in Raiders’ history to score three rushing touchdowns in a postseason game?

A. Marcus Allen B. Marv Hubbard C. Napoleon McCallum D. Clarence Davis

10. Besides Kurt Warner, who is the only other quarterback in Rams’ franchise history throw for over 4,000 yards in a single season?

A. James Harris B. Bob Waterfield C. Norm Van Brocklin D. Jim Everett

1. D. A former head coach for Morgan State and a current Seattle Seahawk assistant coach, Stump Mitchell ran for 781 yards and scored five TDs for the Cardinals. St. Louis finished 7-8 during the strike-shortened season.

2. B. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 52-24 victory on September 8, 1991, Don Beebe became the second player in Buffalo history to have four TD catches.

3. B. Playing for the New York Giants, Ron Johnson became the first player to score four TDs in a “Monday Night Football” contest. New York defeated the Eagles 27-12 on October 2, 1972.

4. C. A standout for Tennessee State, Ed “Too Tall” Jones was NFL’s No. 1 overall pick in the 1974 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys. NOTE: Grambling’s Buck Buchanan was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1963 AFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs
5. C. With 542 career receptions, Ernest Givens is the all-time leading receiver in Oilers/Titans franchise history. The former Louisville standout had 7,935 yards and scored 46 TDs in his career.

6. A. The man who scored the first touchdown in “Monday Night Football” history, Homer Jones caught a Giants’ record 13 TDs passes in 1967.

7. B. From October 10 to November 24 of 1996, Eric Turner set a Ravens’ record with an interception in five straight games.

8. A. A standout for Southern University, Mel Blount’s No. 47 is not retired. In fact, the Steelers are one of only two non-expansion teams that haven’t retired any player numbers. The Oakland Raiders are the other.

9. B. In a 42-24 Wild Card victory over the Denver Broncos on January 9, 1994, Napoleon McCallum became the only Raider running back to score three rushing TDs in a postseason game.

10. D. In 1989, Jim Everett threw for a career-high 4,310 yards and became the first player in Rams’ history to pass the 4,000-yard barrier. He finished with 29 TDs and 17 interceptions that season.