Texas Size Surprise Rick Smith New Houston GM

Updated: June 7, 2006



Go Figure

after Houston Texans owner

Bob McNair trashed both

Vince Young & Reggie Bush

only weeks ago now

he goes and hires

African American Rick Smith

to be General Manager

Not only does Smith become only the 2nd Black General Manager in the NFL after Baltimore’s Ozzie Newsome. Smith will have the Distinction of becoming the youngest current GM in the NFL. For both reasons Smith’s hiring is impressive.

Smith is a 10 year veteran with the Denver Broncos where he has served as Assistant Coach then Director of Player Personnel. A graduate of Purdue and a standout out there, he was an assistant coach at Purdue before catching the attention of the Broncos.

Here is how Denver describes Smith’s job …..

” Smith’s primary role involves developing, implementing and guiding the club’s overall pro personnel endeavors, including the evaluation and procurement of all NFL free agents, NFL Europe and CFL free agents, as well as players from all other professional leagues. He also assists Director of College Scouting Jim Goodman in preparing office reports for the college draft, participating in draft meetings and handling draft-day trades. Smith is one of the club’s primary negotiators for player contracts and performs a variety of other administrative duties for Head Coach Mike Shanahan and General Manager Ted Sundquist.”

No more

Now Rick Smith’s job for the Texans will be even more encompassing as General Manager and likely reporting to The Man Himself Owner Bob McNair. It is a heady situation for a 36 year old and after McNair “dismissed” hiring Vince Young or Reggie Bush because we conjectured either would have defined the team and clearly given The Texans a decidedly Black face for a decade or more.

( maybe the Box helped McNair see the error of his ways )

Especially since it is still impossible to understand McNair’s logic in passing up both. Young a Houston native who received unprecedented support from Houstonians to be their new QB. And if not Young how could McNair leave the best young running back in years on the Table ? But he said NO to both of them.

Now he goes and confounds Logic

with a very Big Surprise

for one of the most

desirable positions

in the NFL

Smith joins the Texans’ new head coach Gary Kubiak who was the Broncos’ offensive coordinator before being named Head Coach for Houston in January. Clearly Kubiak and Smith who admire each other will function as a “team” within a team. Obviously McNair hopes both will bring Denver’s winning ways the worst team in the NFL.

For now

Bob McNair goes

from Goat to Hero

here in the Box

even if he made

Two Big Mistake

Passing up

Young & Bush

Live & Learn

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