State of Lacrosse

Updated: June 1, 2006



What may be most notable

about College Lacrosse

is the lack of African Americans

on ALL the teams not

only Duke University

And if you think you have seen this story before in the Box in one form or another. Well we will continue writing it until the BS stops. There are no valid reasons why it is so difficult to find African Americans on college lacrosse teams across America.

The problem exists because

the NCAA and the colleges

don’t care and that is

The Problem

Benign Neglect


21st century Racism

in America

And what could make the point better, even far better than the Duke lacrosse team with 47 players and 46 White. What is even more Condemning are the recently completed men’s and women’s National NCAA Championships. You can find the scores and the wrap ups elsewhere. We have a more important issue to Address.

On the men’s side

New National NCAA Champions

University of Virginia

On the women’s side

New National NCAA Champions

Northwestern University

Now if we in the Box gave out an annual award for the Best African American player on each Champion team as we might indeed do we would be “lucky” (sic) no difficulty at all in choosing the Winners. No one to Disappoint. No controversy over possibly not choosing the Best Black player. We would definitely get it right.

The NCAA and

the University of Virginia

and Northwestern

have made it all

very Easy.

THE WINNER ON THE MEN’S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM the very best African American player on the University of Virginia men’s lacrosse team is SOPHOMORE AND MIDFIELDER WILL BARROW. Because young Will Barrow is the ONLY African American on the team. 39 players ONE African American. Congratulations Will ! For putting up with the BS.

It was even “simpler ” on the women’s side. At lacrosse powerhouse Northwestern the BEST women’s lacrosse team in America there are NO African Americans on their roster at all. 29 players NO African American women on the team.

We decided to see what Northwestern University

President Bienen in Chicago, Illinois

has to say about Diversity

in his own words ….

” We’re also seeing progress in our efforts to increase diversity here at Northwestern, although our work clearly is not complete in this important area. It was very encouraging last summer when Northwestern was honored as one of the top 25 institutions in the country in the number of doctoral degrees in mathematics, physical sciences and engineering awarded to minorities.”

” In addition, we are now in the second year of the Chicago initiative, an effort to reach out to the African-American and Hispanic communities in the Chicago area. That has been going very well. And the excellent work done by our Multicultural Center has been instrumental in bringing students from varied backgrounds together.”

( really )

” I believe strongly that Northwestern’s institutional responsibilities include creating an environment that welcomes students, faculty and staff of all races, nationalities and religions. In doing so, we offer our students the opportunity to learn in a diverse community, thereby preparing them better for their careers. This is particularly true in the 21st century, when the United States is becoming increasingly diverse and the working world increasingly globalized. ”

Looks like President Henry Bienan

forgot about Lacrosse

too Bad

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